Top Four Locations for Your Next Biking Vacation

November 22, 2019 by Justin Weinger

Going on road trips is one thing, and going on bike rides is undoubtedly another level of adventure altogether. Once you’ve graduated from your first around-the-neighborhood two-wheeler and rode on your first touring bike, you’re most likely raring to find the best locations to explore and experience.

There are benefits to resorting to traveling or touring by bike. An immediate one is a healthy workout you get from cycling the miles that stretch between your home and your destination. Also, many consider biking as an opportunity to contribute to helping the environment and allow one to be more responsible while traveling.

Then there’s the opportunity to spend much less when you go biking instead of taking your car out on a road trip or vacation. You can thus pay more for essentials for your next biking vacation, such as food, lodging, and spare tires. Since you’ll be hitting a lot of mileage, make sure that you bring along the best bike pump that you can buy.

So, with your best bike with you and, perhaps, a best friend to join you, here are a few spots to go for an open-road adventure.

Greenville, SC

You’ll be gifting yourself and anybody with you a generous fill of the Appalachian and the Blue Ridge Mountains with this option for your biking vacation. Plus, a rundown of current biking tours in Greenville provides some of the most affordable, with options for 4 or 7 days of touring. Moreover, you get to ride along the secret training grounds of many touring pros.

Solvang, CA

Taking a biking vacation here allows you to experience a bit of the challenge presented during the Tour of California, which has been going on since 2007. If you’re a scenery buff, then you won’t be disappointed with the views offered by Mt. Figueroa and Fox Canyon. The experience here gets topped by having a sampling or two of wine and the local Danish pastry, Abelskiver.

Fredericksburg, TX

Not only would you be treating yourself to warm Southern hospitality, but the long asphalts and soft rises would certainly endear the state to any two-wheeled enthusiast. Even biking pros converge here during the offseason to continue training, so why wouldn’t you? Afterward, you can further treat yourself if you take the time to stop by Texas wine country.

Zion, UT

One gets to experience so much more of the natural beauty of Utah by going to this top favorite biking vacation spot. You get to bike along the Zion National Park then through Springdale, which provides awe-inspiring vistas of desertland, rock formations, majestic cliffs, and rivers.

Undoubtedly, your bike will be exposed to more challenging terrain if you decide to go for more mileage in Zion’s biking favorites. Ensure that you come prepared with your emergency kit for the times that you have to inflate or reinflate. Be ready as well to carry your bike if you decide to go through the Virgin River Narrows.

The open air, the 360-degree view, and all that freedom stretching to the horizon—where else can you get that but on top of a good bike? So, once you get your next opportunity to go someplace else and expand your limits, take the bike and leave the car; you won’t regret the choice at all.

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