Four Things You Should Know Before Getting a Loan in Norway

November 25, 2019 by Susan Paige

You can’t really do anything these days without money. It is what makes the world work. When money was introduced into the world, it didn’t have much use at first since most people were into exchange of goods and services with their equivalents. However, when our ancestors realized that it is a more convenient option using money became the new norm. First, coins made with precious metals were the ones being used like gold and silver. As these have been incorporated into the paper bills and virtual money, the concept of money never changed. Its value, on the other hand is another story.

At some point in your life, you will have to get a loan. Many people do for various reasons. Some want to acquire property but they don’t have enough money yet. Whether it is a car, house, land or even just gadgets, people get loans to buy these things. It can also be because of an emergency like an unplanned accident that is not covered by insurance. However, one of the most common types of loan is educational assistance and many students all around the world have them. As long as they can finish school, they are willing to take any kind of credit. 

Here in Norway, we also have various financial aids for any person. For those who are already citizens, it is easier to acquire a personal loan. All you need to have is a full-time employment and you are 18 years old and older. You can apply to any institution or company as long as you will comply to their terms of service. You can apply various types of credit as long as you can pay them out. Norway also had one of the lowest interest rates until the changes were made this year. Click here to learn more. These rules have been put into place so that the national debt will not worsen because there are so many people borrowing money. 

If you are a foreigner on the other hand, you need to be living in Norway for a long time. This would be easier if you have already applied for citizenship or you are married to a Norwegian citizen. However, you can still apply for a loan but there are some limitations that can be imposed by lending companies. This will depend on their rules as well, and other factors like credit and sources of finance will be taken into consideration as well. Always read the terms and conditions of the contract before even accepting it. There are many financing institutions like the financial website billigeforbrukslån.no that can help you regarding Norwegian loans. 

There are a lot of ways that you can calculate the interest and payment scheme that you want depending on the institution that you have chosen. It can be quite confusing to a foreigner but it isn’t really as different from your home country. All you need to do is to familiarize some of the rules and ask experts like loan officers about it.

Tips That You May Want To Heed Before Taking A Loan 

  • Use A Loan Calculator If You Are Not Sure About Which Payment Plan You Want

If you are borrowing money, it would be best if you already know how much you are going to pay for the next months or years. Even a rough estimate will do as long as it can give you information about how much you are willing to spend. There are a lot of websites that offer this kind of service and you can apply for loans from their websites. Just make sure that these are legitimate ones that will not use your information for other illicit stuff.

  • Ask Around To Know Which Institutions Have The Best Services Or Lower Interests

Using a loan calculator can actually help you decide which of the lending institutions can give you the best options. It can help you decide which company to choose. However, if you are still wary, you can always ask on the internet. If you have close friends have taken loans, maybe you can ask them as well. Make sure though that they are alright with discussing money matters since there are people who are not comfortable with that. You can also approach the lending institution themselves for a better understanding about their program. Don’t hesitate to ask even the questions which you think are “stupid”. Most finance officers are willing to help you with these concerns.

  • If You Have A Spouse Or Partner, You Can Have A Joint Loan

If you are already married, you spouse needs to know what kind of credit lines you have applied for. This is very important since you he or she might need to pay it in case you can’t anymore. However, as long as it is under your name, you can let your spouse take the loan as well. You can ask the institution to split the interest depending on your decision as a couple. The banks doesn’t really care who pays the interest as long as it is getting paid on time. Cohabiting couples can also take a loan together as long as they have to alter their tax returns as a couple instead of being single. The interest shall be split according to the loan and the bank.

  • Deductions From Interest Can Be Possible Depending On The Situation

You can ask for deductions from tax office for your loans. This will depend on a lot of factors though. If you have made expenses just to claim the loan, then you can ask for deductions. If the loan is also converted to a lower cost for lower interest, the expenses shall be made into deductions as well. There are other expenses that you can use as a way to deduct from your total interest rate. On the other hand, there are some expenses like debt collection which cannot be deducted from the interest. 

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