5 Indisputable Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom Envelopes

November 21, 2019 by Susan Paige

Your Customer’s perception of your business plays a huge role in determining whether they will engage with you or not. Therefore, you should display material that shows their positive side of your business.

While many consider it a minor detail, having custom envelopes for your business can be beneficial in many ways. It is something you can’t afford to ignore, especially if your company sends mails daily.

In this competitive world, customers are bombarded by messages from all corners. Besides, they are busy and can’t find time to interpret all these messages. This can create a communication gap between businesses and customers that businesses must address.

As a business person, you are looking to maximize every opportunity to break through the noise and reach your prospective customers, right? Envelopes, although often overlooked, is a great way to achieve this.

Today envelopes are more than administrative necessity. By creating custom envelopes for office use, you can take advantage of the front of each envelope to increase your brand awareness as well as the chances of getting mail responses and queries.

Here are the five reasons why your business needs custom envelopes

1.  Offers Good First Impression

The first thing that customers see whenever you send them a letter is the envelope. If your envelope is not compelling or is like any other envelope they have been seeing, it might end up in the trash. In fact, it may never be read.

Therefore, you should design your envelopes in a way that will increase the open rate and your ROI.

You should also deliver quotes, invoices, and estimates in custom printed envelopes with your company’s name and logo. This way, your customers will take you seriously. You will also gain their trust and build credibility. 

2.  Good for Marketing

In today’s competitive world, advertisement is vital for any business. You should use any opportunity available to promote your business. Customizing your envelopes is one such opportunity.

 A custom envelope is a powerful marketing tool for your business. Whenever you send correspondence, your recipients will see the name and logo of your business.

Sending all your correspondence with vital envelopes will make people view you as an established player in your industry. When people see you as an authoritative player, your reputation will increase.

Custom envelopes can serve as a form of free advertising. And knowing how costly advertisement and marketing is, you’d surely want to take advantage of them. Remember you’d send your correspondence anyway.

However, when customizing your envelopes, ensure that it matches both the logo and name you’ve used on business cards, websites, and other marketing materials. If your logo is not good for print, hire a designer to create something good for you. 

3.  Makes Communication Easier

Custom envelopes also make it easier for customers to communicate with you.

On top of your company’s name, include contact information in your envelopes. Including your email, return address, and phone number on your envelope makes it easier for clients to get back to you.

Custom envelopes also make it easier for people expecting correspondence from you to identify it from the stack of other mails. This reduces the chances of your letter not being read.

Using custom envelopes is also a great way to speak directly to your customers. The use of basic customer information such as their name can make a huge impact.

You can increase the effectiveness of your custom envelope by adding color, custom graphics, and personalization.

4.  Helps Look Professional

Imagine receiving a letter from a company on a plain envelope! How will you see it?

If you are like most people, you might consider such a correspondence unofficial and might not even bother to open it.

Using high-quality custom envelopes makes businesses appear organized and professional. This is vital in building your company’s trust and credibility. It also shows people that you care and value your image and that you have the resources required to take your business to higher levels. The case is different if you use a plain envelope.

5.  Custom Envelopes Are Made from Quality Paper

The quality of paper used to make envelopes is another thing that businesses consider when ordering envelopes. The quality of your envelopes says a lot about your integrity.

Custom envelopes are printed using high-quality paper and so they will not only appear great but will also feel great in your recipient’s hands. Custom envelopes printers make sure that the paper they use matches with your envelope design so it can look more decent and attractive.

This isn’t a bad thing for your brand.

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