Perry Noble’s Net Worth

November 13, 2017 by Amanda Blankenship

Perry Noble's net worth
More and more megachurches have been popping up in recent years. One of the largest, Elevation, was in the spotlight not too long ago after its leader bought a home worth millions of dollars. It made people question whether the church, which is a nonprofit organization, should be given the tax break they are given.

NewSpring Church’s Perry Noble has been in the spotlight for a number of controversial things he has said as well as resigning from his spot at the church due to alcohol addiction. How much did the church contribute to Noble’s wealth?

About Perry Noble

Before delving into Perry Noble’s net worth, you should know a bit about him and the career he built for himself. If you’ve heard his name before, it was likely attached to a piece of controversy. There is no doubt his life, and career, have been full of it.

At the age of 12, Noble’s mother died and his father went on to date multiple women. Eventually, Noble turned to the church for help and found he felt at home there. Later in life, he decided to help other churches grow their following.

He served as the pastor at NewSpring Church (Anderson, South Carolina) for years. While he was there, the church’s following grew to about 40K people with 11 satellite locations (about 7K tune in via television).

Noble has been recognized by the South Carolina Baptist Church Convention as a pastor. He has also gained notoriety by being the leader of the second-fastest growing church in the United States.

Controversies in Perry Noble’s Career

Not everything about Noble’s career has been great though. While he had many successes at NewSpring, there were a lot of downfalls as well. It seemed that, after a while, Noble couldn’t stay out of the face of controversy.

The first piece of controversy was stirred up after a Christmas service where Noble reportedly used the word “nigger.” After some time, NewSpring Church released a statement saying the pastor never used that word.

Noble found himself in trouble again when he misspoke about the Ten Commandments, alleging that there was no way the commandments could have been written when they were supposed to have been written. He pointed out that there is no Hebrew word for “command.” Eventually, he tweeted out to his followers, apologizing for the mistake.

In summer 2016, Noble was removed from the church as head pastor. NewSpring Church officials cited alcohol abuse as the reason for Noble’s departure. Since then, Noble has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous and trying to continue work with churches.

So, how did this controversy impact Perry Noble’s net worth?

Perry Noble’s Net Worth

All of his devotion to NewSpring Church and helping churches build themselves up has grown Perry Noble’s net worth to about $2 million. Most people would assume that the majority of his wealth came from his work at NewSpring.

That isn’t the case. Actually, Perry Noble has made a fair amount of money from the books he’s published. While he did take a salary while at NewSpring, it is nothing compared to the royalties he’s earning from his book sales. It is estimated that he pulls in thousands of dollars a month in book sales alone.

In addition to his book sales, Noble has also been working as a guest pastor during his time away from NewSpring. He hopes to open a new church within the next few years. Given his track record, there is no doubt the church will be a success. Its impact on Perry Noble’s net worth, however, has yet to be seen.

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