So You’ve Lost Your Job…Now What?

July 19, 2023 by Jenny Smedra

These days, it seems like more people are finding themselves working fewer hours. From company cutbacks to budget constraints, my family is also starting to feel the financial pinch. Over the last week, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on our situation. And it all comes back to the same thought…”So, you’ve lost your job. Now, what are you gonna do?” Although it’s been a tough few weeks, here’s what I’ve decided to do about it.

So You’ve Lost Your Job…

I have been working for myself for over 10 years. While contracts and financial needs have changed, I have turned my side project into a full-time career. And until very recently, my situation was stable and financially secure.

Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law took effect, leaving me in a difficult spot. Although it’s common to drop and gain new clients, several made cutbacks at the same time. Suddenly, I found myself exactly where I was after graduating…back among hungry freelancers, looking for work.

Now What?

If you have ever been in this position, then you understand how humbling it can be. While my experience brings value, there is much more competition than ever before.

However, I have put together a plan that has worked before. But, it all starts with honest self-reflection and a practical outlook.

Step 1: Come to Terms with It.

For the first few days, everything felt strange. My usual routine was disrupted, and I felt as if I was spinning out. But once I came to terms with our situation and removed my emotions from it, things became very clear.

Although it’s hard to start over, I realized that some setbacks lead to better opportunities. Not every professional relationship will last forever, and things are always changing, for better and worse.

Step 2: Update the Resume.

Keeping this in mind, I also know that I have changed as well. Therefore, the next step was to update my resume with the new skills and experience. Once it was ready, I took that leap back into the candidate pool.

If you want to be successful, you must find ways to get your name and resume out there. In the past, I have found new clients by networking for new opportunities. However, posting my resume on employment sites and freelance platforms has brought in the majority of contracts. Social media also plays an important role in promoting yourself. But whatever your strategy, the goal is to market yourself in a way that will reach the widest possible audience.


Step 3: Revisit the Budget.

The truth is that you never know how long it could take to find your next job. So, our next step will be to figure out our new budget. Without a doubt, we will have to make adjustments and find more ways to reduce spending.

Although we are okay for now, it’s hard not to worry about the long term. However, I’m choosing to remain optimistic. And, I am convinced that there are more opportunities waiting for me. But if you want something, you must be willing to go after it with all you’ve got.

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  1. Thank you for your input! I’m trying to look at my situation the same way, viewing obstacles as new challenges and opportunities.

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