Did Ashton Kutcher get the Bush twins high?

April 17, 2020 by Susan Paige

Demi Moore’s autobiography, Inside Out includes a story of Ashton Kutcher getting the Bush twins high from a bong. Here are some of the details. 

Ashton Kutcher, the star of the popular hit series That ‘70s Show, hosted a party where the Bush twins got high from a bong. That is according to his ex-wife, Demi Moore, as stated in her new autobiography, Inside Out. According to Demi Moore’s Bush story, in 2001, Kutcher’s home was for all intents and purposes a “straight-up LA party house,” Moore wrote. From there, she recalls a story about Ashton, the former First Daughters, and some weed. One night, Kutcher had some pretty high-profile guests at pad the Bush twins, Barbara and Jenna. At the time, George W. Bush had just started his first term as the President of the United States, and Ashton Kutcher was transitioning from TV star to being one of Hollywood’s most popular elites.

Demi Moore recounted that, during the house party, the Bush twins got a great buzz from weed. While Moore was neither dating Kutcher at the time nor living at the house she wrote that the Bush twins ended up doing straight up bong hits at that house during one of Ashton’s parties. In 2003, Kutcher told the same story to Rolling Stone magazine, although some of the details were slightly different from Demi Moore’s Bush story. He said that he had met the Bush twins at a party hosted by Nike after his friend, Matt, pointed them out to him. They all then went back to Kutcher’s place, where Ashton claimed that Matt got the Bush twins high behind the doors of one of his many bedrooms. In addition, Ashton says the twins and Matt were hitting the weed out of a hookah and not a bong as Moore had stated.

According to Ashton, the incident took place sometime in 2001, this means that the former president’s daughters were about 20 years old at that time. Ashton Kutcher confirmed all of this in the 2003 interview when he told the interviewer that the Bushes were underage drinking at his house. Barbar and Jenna Bush were pretty well known for being extremely hard party girls back then. One memoir which was written by a Secret Service agent stated that the twins would frequently run red lights or sneak out on late-night rides in order to throw off their 24/7 security detail. The memoir also stated that they used fake IDs to buy alcohol and they would regularly go on benders, fueled by substance us, just like their father used to.

Today, Barbara and Jenna live the types of lives that would make any good Republican proud. Jenna is now known as Jenna Bush Hager, and she is the host of a morning talk show on NBC called Today with Hoda & Jenna. Barbara Bush is a co-founder of the Global Health Corps. She currently runs the non-profit that works to bring modern healthcare solutions to Africans in need. 

As for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, they were married in 2005 and they got divorced in 2013. Her book Inside Out has made serious waves mostly because of Moore’s criticisms of Ashton’s behaviour during the course of their relationship. She makes allegations that Kutcher was grossly insensitive toward Moore’s struggles with alcoholism. She claimed that Ashton would push her into breaking her sobriety, and at the same time he shamed her for the alcohol abuse by posting drunk photos of her all over social media. Although Ashton Kutcher denies that he was doing anything to shame her, he said he only posted photos of her in good humour.

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