Tips for Organizing a Budget-Friendly Event

April 17, 2020 by Justin Weinger

Many events like weddings have larger budgets compared to others. Although a lot can be done with a large budget, it doesn’t mean events with lower budgets will be less meaningful. That said, it is also best to look for budget-friendly, yet excellent event organizing services such as landmarkeventco.com to help you plan and prepare for your event.

Don’t be discouraged if you have a tight budget; you can still make an excellent impression with your guests. Here are some essential tips on how to do this.

Book the venue as soon as possible

It is difficult to look for an appropriate venue and it will not get easier with a tight budget or any additional last-minute reservation costs. Therefore, it is important to select wisely, reserve early, and plan properly when selecting the venue and accessibility, the venue type, and the dates. Figure out if an off-season schedule for your event could work out. Through the selection of off-season dates, you could get a great bargain on services and amenities.

Consider transportation and location costs

Transportation and location costs will depend on what type of event you are planning and who your guests are. But if you have a small budget, lodging and transportation costs will be a very significant part of your budget. If you have guests from all over the world, consider streaming the event for those who can’t make it.

Check beverage and food costs

If you have a limited budget, there is an opportunity for you to think creatively when it comes to your beverage and food choices. Instead of including unlimited hard liquor, consider offering a couple of signature cocktails. Rather than bottled water, set up a water station with pitchers of water.

Lessen printing costs and go digital

There are several other options nowadays besides printing invitations for your wedding.  Technology can help you organize and prepare the event, organize your budget and schedules. Try an event-specific, mobile-focused website, an event application or promotion of the event through social media platforms.

Be creative and flexible

Prioritize your expenses so that you know when and where you can be more creative and flexible. Think of saving items for every event rather than having new ones. You can choose to develop and design certain products in such a manner that they can be recycled or reused, through the modification of some of its pieces. Typically, these objects are more valuable for functional reasons since they are used regularly at various events.


Negotiation could potentially result in collaboration. Look for influence and edge whenever possible. Determine if you can establish partnerships or sponsorship opportunities with your suppliers by providing publicity in exchange for products and services or a decrease in costs.

Monitor expenses

Monitor all costs, even the smaller ones because they can accumulate. The smaller the schedule, the better you should be in terms of your finances. Make sure that you are completely aware of all the additional costs or any hidden charges like setting up and breaking down costs before signing contracts with your suppliers and venue. Check agreements, double-check the proposals and counter-check all receipts of expenses. For people who are in the event management and rental business, monitoring the whole process is crucial. You can use event rental software to help you stay on top of your operations.

Be conscious of your budget but that doesn’t mean you have to go cheap on every aspect of your event. It is not impossible to work on a tight budget while still creating a beautiful day. In reality, you can be a more innovative and effective event planner if you know how to deal with a limited budget and save money.

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