Vegan Cuts Snackbox Review: You Don’t Have to Be Vegan to Love It

November 3, 2014 by Cat

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One of the first milestones we hit with Budget and the Bees was being contacted to write a Vegan Cuts Snackbox Review. Their products and mission looked right up my alley, so I was happy to accept and grateful for the opportunity. Cat also likes to eat healthy and organic, so read on for our review!

Overall Impression

Natalie: I was ridiculously excited when I opened my Vegan Cuts snack box because they managed to pack more in than I would have ever guessed possible, yet magically, nothing was smashed. As I kept digging to find more surprises I wondered how they could know me so well. It was borderline creepy, like they’d researched my likes. I doubt that was the case, but they really nailed it! Chocolate and popcorn are two of my favorite indulgences on the planet!

Each month’s box has different products in it, which I think is a really cool way to introduce you to different foods and brands you might not have known. Many of the products Vegan Cuts sends are gluten free if you’re into that sort of thing. I was happy with the size of the products and the quantity. No bite size samples here! Each monthly box comes with seven to ten snacks.

Now, I have a confession. I’m not vegan. Heck, I’m not even vegetarian, though sometimes I think I could be. I’m simply pro good and nutritious food. My health is important to me, and I make sure that most of what I consume is quality stuff. As far as snacking goes, these products definitely fit the bill when I got on a salty kick or my sweet tooth set in.

Cat: Like Natalie, I’m not vegan or vegetarian. However, I do love buying organic food not only for me but especially for my babies. When the box arrived, it was smaller than I thought it would be, and like Natalie, I was incredibly surprised at how many different items were in there. I’m glad Natalie took a picture of her box because the hubs and I enjoyed going through the box in one sitting, and there wasn’t much left to photograph after that!

Individual Products

Pop Art Rosemary Truffle Popcorn

Natalie: This is something I would absolutely buy myself! The popcorn was airy and crisp, flavorful, and completely delicious. It was lightly salted and had that distinctive truffle oil flavor that I find pretty addictive. I love making popcorn at home on the stove, but I can see this Pop Art becoming a treat to break up my usual go to snack.

Cat: This had such a surprising flavor! I would definitely buy it again. My husband adores popcorn and by the end we were counting out how many kernels were left so we could split it evenly.

Zevia Ginger Ale

Natalie: I’m not a big soda drinker although I liked this ginger ale. I didn’t think it tasted exactly like a regular ginger ale, but that didn’t make it worse; it was just different. It was nice and gingery (duh, right?). I say that to show that it definitely didn’t taste like a watered down version of ginger ale. All that gingery punch was there. This is a soda I would probably buy to mix drinks, but again, I don’t buy sodas to just drink around the house.

Cat: It’s always good to have an alternative when you are craving a soda. Like Natalie, I never have soda in my house. Occasionally, hubs will bring one home to me when I am particularly exhausted and it’s a nice treat. This seems like it would be good to have on hand if you wanted something different from water but didn’t want the calories of a soda.

Tasty Organic Smoothie Fruit Snacks

Natalie: I felt like a kid again busting open my fruit snacks on the subway the other day. They went in my purse for a quick snack while I was out and about. The fruit snacks looked a little like Dots, but tasted ten times better. They were incredibly flavorful. The one downside was that they felt a little gummy on my teeth. Maybe that’s just the nature of all fruit snacks, but it’s been a while since I’ve had any.

Cat: Fruit snacks are my weakness. My friend Shannon says I’m like an 8 year old boy with my fruit snack addiction, and she’s 100% right. This gave me a way healthier alternative than the ones I typically carry in my bag.

Flamous Sprouted Multigrain Zatar Chips

Natalie: In the last few months I’ve gotten into sprouted bread, so I was excited to try these sprouted chips. They reminded me of tortilla chips at first bite, but then I tasted more depth and and substance. They had a good crunch, so I think they’d make a good dip chip. You can see the flax seeds in them, so they even look healthy, and I liked that they weren’t overly salty. I’m pretty intrigued with the concept of their falafel chips now. This is a product I would buy for myself.

Cat: These weren’t my favorite item in the box, but my hubs loved them. I’m a huge fan of salty chips, so that’s probably why I didn’t jive with them too much!

Luv You Chocoholic Health Bar

Natalie: I’m going to call it a health cookie since it was round. It had a good, nutty texture that reminded me of a Lara Bar. It was date based and had yummy pecans and cashews, but it wasn’t overly chocolatey to me. I think it would make a good snack on the go for a quick bite, but it wasn’t my favorite product in the box.

Cat: My Luv You bar was super interesting because it was pb&j flavored, which I bet Natalie would have liked better. It was actually like a pb&j sandwhich except in a bar. I think it would be a good thing to pack in hubs’ lunch at the hospital for an on the go snack.

Coconut Organics Coconut Chips

Natalie: These coconut chips are fun! Think of dried strips of coconut that you’d find in a quality trail mix (not thin shreds) and then think of them individually rolled in cocoa powder. They crunch and have a great flavor combination. They’re good to eat on their own, but I think they have a lot of potential in the world of dessert making. I would buy these for my baking escapades.

Cat: I couldn’t get enough of these. I already looked up how to buy them in bulk. They were super interesting, and I actually think my mother in law would be a huge fan since she loves coconut and dark chocolate together.

Numi Chocolate Rooibos Tea

Natalie: The first thing I noticed when opening the tea packet was that it did actually smell chocolatey. Sometimes I can’t detect all the fruits and spices that are supposed to be in a given tea flavor, but this one smelled accurate. If you’re a fan of flavored teas then I think you’d like it. If you aren’t a tea drinker and use this chocolate tea as your introduction, you’ll be surprised. It definitely tastes like tea, so don’t expect liquid chocolate. Do follow the steeping time so that the flavor isn’t too light, and squeeze the tea bag before removing it from your cup.

Cat: I haven’t had a chance to try the tea yet, but it’s been on my list! I’m saving it for a nice relaxing night in the tub with my book!

Numi Chocolate Spice Tea

Natalie: I love spiced teas, especially chai, so this one was a winner in my book. Like the rooibos, this black tea had a lovely chocolate scent, but the spices came through more than anything. I let it steep for eight minutes and squeezed the bag. It was quite good!

Cat: I’m also a fan of chai, so this one was perfect!

Veggie Elite Chocolate Mocha Performance Protein

Natalie: While this powder made a tasty chocolate drink, it was a little on the gritty side. Maybe that’s an inherent property of protein powder drinks- I don’t know- but I’m not likely to drink this for fun since I’m not an athlete.

Cat: I’ve never dabbled in protein powder so I can’t really compare it to other drinks. It didn’t taste bad at all but I probably wouldn’t buy it for everyday use.

TCHO Dark Chocolate

Natalie: What can I really say about chocolate other than it’s a gift from the Gods? This was really good 68% cacao that was a little fruity. I’ll take a box full of these chocolate squares any day.

Cat: This was a perfect little bite of chocolate. It had a cherry overtone to it and it was delicious. I’m actually more of a milk chocolate fan so I’m surprised I liked it as much as I did.

Final Thoughts

We have a lot of friends who are vegan and vegetarian and who also live in areas where it’s difficult to find gluten free and organic products. For them, I think the Vegan Cuts Snack Box is a great way to learn about new and unique products. The service is a little pricey at around $20.00 a month, but given that some of the individual products were $3 and $4 each, I think it was worth that price. This kind of subscription is also a time saver because you don’t have to look around stores and compare nutrition labels to find healthy snacks.

If you’re interested, Vegan Cuts is offering a free fall recipe eBook with recipes like lentil quinoa balls with mushroom gravy and garlic roasted carrots. Oh, and if you love natural beauty products like we do, check out the beauty essentials kit below.
Vegan CutsWe want to thank Vegan Cuts for their partnership. It means a lot to us!

8 thoughts on “Vegan Cuts Snackbox Review: You Don’t Have to Be Vegan to Love It”

  1. Ha ha…when I saw the fruit snacks, I did think that Cat was going to be happy about that. 🙂 I am not vegan; however, I certainly appreciate the nutritional value of vegan foods and I enjoy many of them. Everything in this box sounded delicious to me except the ginger ale, but I am not a ginger ale fan in general. Thanks for reviewing!

  2. I love good popcorn and the rosemary truffle popcorn sounds delish! I am not vegetarian but my husband is a pescatarian and I think he’d really like the coconut chips that you mentioned.

  3. Nice review ladies! That looks like a solid amount of snack food. I like how all of it is grab and go, I often find things are a “I’ll make that one day” when they come in boxes and then they sit on my shelves forever.

    1. I thought that was a nice feature, too. I don’t buy a lot of snacks, but having some on hand to throw in a purse usually helps keep me from buying food while out and about.

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