How Much is a Super Bowl Ring Worth?

February 6, 2017 by Amanda Blankenship

How much is a super bowl ring worth

Most of us are still calming down after this weekend’s Super Bowl upset. It was the first overtime in a Super Bowl game, ever, and the team the whole world was rooting against won.

Now, I’m just as upset about the game upset that occurred Sunday night as anybody else (especially any other fellow Steelers fans). The Patriots got their seventh Super Bowl appearance (fifth win) under Tom Brady’s lead. That’s right, Brady now has FIVE Super Bowl rings.

Thinking about that got me wondering, how much is a Super Bowl ring worth?

How Much is a Super Bowl Ring Worth?

Most Super Bowl rings are manufactured by the memorabilia company Jostens. Jostens makes class rings and prints yearbooks for many schools as well. In 2015 in was reported that the average price of the Super Bowl rings being made was about $36,500 (each). This means that an entire team’s rings would add up to be over $5 million.

How much is a super bowl ring worth

That tells you how much a Super Bowl ring costs, how much is a Super Bowl ring worth though? Well, it depends. It doesn’t lose any of its original value and can increase in value based on who wore it. Old man Brady, for instance, could probably sell his Super Bowl ring for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How Much Do Football Players Make?

If they are willing to spend over $35,000 on a ring, how much do football players make?

Most footballers make more money in a single game than the average American makes in an entire year. The starting salary in the NFL (rookie football player) is $420,000 per year. For more experienced players or players with higher demand salaries can increase up to as much as $10 million a year.

Ten. Million. Dollars. Per. Year. And that’s not considering any of the income players get from endorsements with companies like Adidas, Nike, Gatorade and other big sports names.

Super Bowl Earnings

The above estimated earnings are only regular season earnings. Each player earns more if their team makes it to playoffs and even more if they make it to the Super Bowl.

If the team makes it to the playoffs bonus checks start at about $24,000 per game. For the Patriots, who won it all, each player got a bonus check for each playoff game and an additional $107,000 for winning the Super Bowl.

Atlanta Falcons players didn’t lose too much (financially). Members of the posting team still get $53,000 each (and the same bonus checks for the playoff games).

What the losers don’t get, however, are those fancy and expensive custom-designed Super Bowl rings to put on display in their million-dollar homes. Though, if I were an Atlanta Falcons players I’d shrug that off. You don’t really need a $35,000 ring anyway (Brady’s got five, maybe he’ll let you borrow one…or buy one). Nobody really needs five of them. So maybe you’ll see one of Brady’s Super Bowl rings up for sale soon (once he retires to broadcasting).

How much would you spend on sports memorabilia? 

Photos: Esquire and CNN

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