How To Make Your Home Interior Look More Expensive Than It Is 

December 18, 2020 by Susan Paige

When it comes to home renovation or redecoration, adding value to your space should be your key priority. Generally, tasteful decoration will serve one simple goal: making your interiors look expensive. 

However, a home can very much look the luxurious part without breaking the bank. A few simple tricks will give your space an air of sophistication and flair, using accessible and DIY installations. The key is to be tasteful in your choices of color tones and materials. 

You will need to be bold when it comes to paints and wallpapers to give an impression of confidence and certainty. Fortunately, these are changes you can make yourself and save on the labor costs. Here’s everything you’ll want to know. 

  1. Splash Bold Paint On A Wall

A fresh coat of paint does wonders to the appearance of a room. Painting is a task almost anyone can do themselves and can render a powerful effect without covering all the walls of a room. 

The paint itself should be of good quality; however, saving on the labor costs can make all the difference on your budget. Consider painting a wall of your bedroom, living room, or even corridors a bold color such as red or even black to capture that expensive-seeming confident, charismatic look. 

  1. Use LED Lighting 

There are plenty of cost-efficient LED lighting options that will give your room an expensive look without consuming much electricity. 

Lighting can be considered the jewelry of the room because it dresses up its entire décor and dictates the atmosphere of the space. Being extremely modern and trendy, LED lighting gives a chic and sophisticated edge while being cheaper than most standard lamps. 

  1. Get Rid of Furniture

Minimalism is considered elegant, refined, and the mark of a luxurious home or space. It also gives the impression that the space is larger. Therefore, selling unnecessary furniture will not only earn you some money, but it will also make your interiors look more expensive. 

To complete your minimalist décor, you’ll want to prioritize unified color tones (e.g., whites, blacks, and greys) over patterns and pastel coloring. 

  1. Invest In Mirrors

One might think mirrors do not come cheap; however, they are much less costly than expanding your space while giving the same impression. 

Mirrors reverberate light, making your rooms look brighter in the day time. They also trick the eye into thinking the space is deeper, which will render well on pictures.

  1. Install Wallpaper

Until recently, wallpaper was considered an outdated trend. However, they have sprung back in style with the new printing methods and precision some designers on https://www.photowall.com/us/designers use to create breathtaking wallpapers. 

You can now purchase and install a wallpaper that will look like a crisp, priceless work of art while spending a fraction of what such a directly painted mural would have cost you. 

Your new wallpaper can look like an engrossing jungle seen, splendid, blooming cherry blossoms, or some intriguing abstract art. 

  1. Do Some DIY Molding 

Molding is a little tricky if you have no expertise; however, plenty of tutorials are available online. 

Adding some molding to the spaces connecting your walls and ceilings will give a more luxurious appearance to your room’s finishing.

  1. Get Some Indoor Plants 

Plants come in a variety of budgets. However, they are generally much less expensive than a flamboyant bouquet. Being greatly in style and providing a sought-after ‘Feng-Shui’ effect, they can give a “costly” edge to your interiors. 

To strengthen your plant’s final look, you may want to invest in a metallic, industrial-looking pot in dark, unsaturated coloring. 

  1. Spray Furniture Black  

Some of your old chairs, tables, daybeds, or even mirror frames show their age through their color. Between paints peeling off and shades going out of fashion, warm coloring can cheapen your décor. 

However, Black is a timelessly trendy shade and can make your interiors look both brand new and expensive. Invest in a few spray painting cans, and lather the color on wooden and metallic surfaces. The more matte the finish, the more expensive the furniture will look.

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