How to Get Rid of a Junk Car: All the Steps to Take

October 9, 2019 by Susan Paige

If you end up with a totaled or junk car, you might get worried that it now holds no value. But it’s usually the opposite. Junk cars can actually help you acquire some much-needed cash.

You just have to know where to look. Continue reading and we’ll show you exactly how to get rid of a junk car and hopefully, you’ll walk away with a fatter wallet by the end of the whole process.

Prepare The Car

The first step to getting a junk car ready is to take an inventory. Determine if it’s at all driveable and what parts do and don’t work.

Just because your insurance company says it’s totaled doesn’t mean it’s beyond repair. It just means that they don’t want to have to pay to fix it.

Are the tires in good order? How about the radio? Write down the parts that are wholly or partially operational so that you can refer to them later.

Then head on over to the Kelley Blue Book site and determine what the value of your car is worth. Then you want to find the title of the car. This will help you prove that you’re the vehicle’s legal owner.

One of the top tips for selling a junk car is to know if you have a clean or salvaged title. A salvaged title refers to a car that was fixed up after the insurance determined it was totaled.

You’ll also want to remove any personal items before the car is transported anywhere. Once it’s out of your hands, you might end up losing all of your sentimental CDs and spare phone chargers.

Compare Offers

Call around to different salvage and junkyards. See how much they’re willing to give you for your junk car.

Also, ask them what their policy is for transporting junk cars. Will they pick it up? Or will you have to arrange for the car to be moved yourself.

These modes of transportation all come with different price tags so watch out.

Getting Rid of the Car

If the car can drive and you feel comfortable, go ahead and drive the vehicle to the junkyard. If not, either arrange for your own tow truck or ask the junkyard for assistance.

When you finally give over your car, make sure that the registration is canceled and the license plates are returned. The car’s new buyer should be able to help you when it comes to transferring the title and giving back the license plates.

Whether you sold the car as-is or just for parts, you’ll now likely walk away with more money than what you started with.

Understanding How to Get Rid of a Junk Car

By understanding how to get rid of a junk car the right way, you have a greater chance of making more money. Just remember to do a full inventory of the car before you give it away.

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