Exclusive Places to Visit in Japan

July 1, 2019 by Susan Paige

Travelling is all about exploring. Explore the shores of waters or shores of your body and soul. Nowadays, it is easy to travel to any edge of the world. Every country has a beauty of its own kind, so pack lightly start the journey to enjoy the mother nature.

Some countries have emerged immensely, like Singapore, Thailand, Japan. Notably, Japan has advanced at a marvellous speed after experiencing the two atomic explosions at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. In fact, the current condition and look of the places make the visitor rub his head and said, ‘No, this can not be true!’ 

The sites are rebuilt in such a form, that they do not kindle a single thought of thinking that, were these the places which had bombings.

Moreover,  apart from the above two massacred places, the country has way more to attract you to make a visit in their motherland. The creative and intelligent brains have shown their capability in their alluring buildings and the freeways, snatch the visitor’s attention.

Let us see some of the charming Japanese places. By the way, check the link for the betterment of yourself which will help you in your current or the next travel.

1. Koya-san

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Mt. Koya or Koya-san is the vital point in Shingon Buddhism, a sect which has been practising since 805, the time from which Kobo Daishi firstly preached his lesson. The place served as headquarters for the province and the little region which rose around the shrine. The Mausoleum of Kobo Daishi, the wooden mount is also the beginning and last place of Shikoku 88 shrine Pilgrimage. 

All the travellers can have the brink of monks because they are privileged to spend overnight in the holy place.

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2. Tokyo

The place is the capital of the homeland, plus the place hs no restrictions for the ones or outsiders who tend to mingle. The country spreads only love, and its feathers have only kindness. The capital is the metropolitan with most of the demography staying in the region.

ImageSource: Motor1

Those who love car racing they will surely love the place. Remember, almost a decade ago. A movie came “Fast ‘n Furious – Tokyo Drift.” Yes! It was all shot in Tokyo. The massive and furious roads for the racers welcome all sorts of the rage of the adventurous travellers to burn-out their Michelin tyres on the buttery asphalt roads.

The beauty of the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is enjoyed by the travellers when the capital’s pace gets a bit frenetic.

3. Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi 

ImageSource: CebrityCruises

Mount Fuji accounts one complete day to have full coverage of the site. The breathtaking view of the mountain just drops the jaws of every traveller, especially the hikers, will blow their minds after having this scenic view with the reflection in the pristine waters of the adjacent lake.

Mount Fuji is the symbol as well as the precious heritage of the country.

Down the road, the fifth station is the famous spot amongst the travellers. One can even breathe the fresh and pure oxygen at the base of Mount Fuji too, and he is not required to be a climber or adventurer. Hover around and store the sites from holy places to the cities with springs, this does include the Lake Kawaguchi and Oshino Hakkai.

The lake is the first runner in terms of sizes compared to other five regional lakes. One can capture the inverted mountain Mt. Fuji in their memories or can have a digital copy when the water of the lake is exceptionally calm.

ImageSource: TioTravels

The colours change with the change in season like spring has pink cherry, red leaves in autumn, the hot season turns the leaves into purple lavender while the cold has Silver Forests.

4. Hiroshima

The place needs no introduction, every kid is familiar with the history of the site, but what everybody does not know is how it looks now at the current stage. After the catastrophe or perish of the province in 1945, the city is more beautiful than any of the American beauties.

After the bombing or the Holocaust, the region’s motto is peace-oriented, and they have very well achieved it. The town has Peace Park, Peace Memorial Museum, and Peace Memorial to lure you throughout the day.

Attractive areas of the town also are Hiroshima Castle and the Shukkein-en’s sunken garden.

5. Kamakura

The Eastern Kyoto of the land of the rising sun for having an immense number of holy places is a peaceful site with an hour’s travels by train from Tokyo.

The place can make a very soul-touching and calm minded trip contrary to the Tokyo visit. The latter has a lot of noise pollution of the yanking horns of the vehicles. The best place in the region is the Great Buddha, situated in Kotoku-in. The sculpture is built in Bronze and is the second largest.

The other shrines like Zen and Shinto are also worth of unveiling and believe me, and one day will fall short of expediting all of them.

6. Tokyo Skytree

ImageSource: WikiMedia

The skeleton is the skyscraper of the capital. It is named as Tokyo Skytree. The towering tower is of 634 meters with the title holding the second tallest building in the world after the Burj Khalifa. Leave a few storeys and hop on the straightaway to Tembo Deck at 350-m or at 450 m (Tembo Galleria) to capture the panorama.

After reaching Skytree, go to the fourth floor, here you will be warmly greeted by the staff. Grab the ticket to reach the floor that delivers the scenic view from the height of 350 meters (Tembo Deck). The elevator moves fast and gets you to the floor in no time. 

The deck is enormous with the windows all around, which allows you a 360-degree view of the beautiful city. The deck gives you a crystal clear view of the Sumida River, Tokyo Dome with the facility of interactive displays that can help you in knowing more interests.

7. Ishigaki

The island has both the sandy as well as rocky beaches, somehow are draped under the bleached coral. The activities one can do here swimming when there are high feet tides, diving, snorkelling, merely absorb the scintillating sun rays on the slippery sand. 

The best period to enjoy the sun and beach experience with all those activities is from April to November, and this is the time when the environment has a temperature of 25 degrees.

While being on the beach just make sure that you are not carried away with the heavy current of the tides touching your feet, plus save yourself from Habu Jellyfish.

The Verdict

Discover the motherland yourself, and you will be intrigued the moment you land the on the Japanese soil. The places mentioned above are just a few from the chambers of gems.

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