Adam Young’s Net Worth

January 8, 2018 by Amanda Blankenship

what is Adam Young's net worth
Many people have heard music by Owl City before but never looked into who the members, or in this case member, of the band were. Unless you were a die-hard fan, that is. Those who loved Owl City know Adam Young’s name but do they know Adam Young’s net worth?

Adam Young’s Career

Born in a small town in Minnesota in 1986, Young has always had an introverted personality. That has rung true in his career as well. Although many people have heard music by Owl City, not many people have heard Young’s name.

Luckily for Young though, his music was wildly successful almost from the start. At the time, Young was delivered Coca-Cola. He began producing music in his parent’s basement, like any good starting musician, and then uploaded it to MySpace. Overnight, Young’s music went viral.

Because it took off to such a great start, Young immediately decided to launch his first album, Ocean Eyes, in 2009. This is when Young began, what he calls, the Owl City project.

His career went well for a couple years and many people really enjoyed his music but not many people knew his name. This wasn’t a huge deal for him though, especially once you consider Adam Young’s net worth.

Adam Young’s Net Worth

It is estimated that the 32-year-old musician has a net worth of $5.6 million. Young has managed to maintain a net worth in the millions, without being overly famous, because he has been able to focus on saving and remaining relevant in the online music world.

Currently, Young is working on a new project called Sky Sailing. It hasn’t become as popular as Owl City but many of his die-hard fans follow the music coming from the project. By continuing projects like this, Young is able to continue earning cash through Youtube and other places his music is listened to or watched. He also continues to earn cash with his Owl City project on Youtube as well.

Of course, the bulk of his current net worth stemmed from his work on the Owl City project. The very first album he released grossed him nearly $450K. He went on to release other albums, which all grossed hundreds of thousands of dollars, including his highest earning album ($850K).

Now his main focus has been his Sky Failing project. However, it has been rumored that Young is working on a score for a film. While there are no rumors as to what film he’s writing music for, having music composition for film under his belt will open doors for Young in the future.

For now, it’s safe to say Adam Young’s net worth will likely remain right around $5.6 million. While his current projects may prove to be fruitful, it isn’t yet clear how they will impact his overall wealth.

What do you think? Will Adam Young earn even more in the coming years?

Photo: Adam Young Scores

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