12 Unexpected Ways to Stay Fit After 50 That Aren’t Just Hitting the Gym

May 6, 2024 by Vanessa Bermudez
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Turning 50 doesn’t mean bidding farewell to your fitness journey. In fact, this milestone age opens up a whole new world of creative ways to stay fit that go beyond the monotonous treadmill routine. 

Embracing unconventional methods can excite your fitness regimen and motivate you for the long haul. From dancing to gardening, here are 12 unexpected ways to stay fit after 50 that will make you rethink what it means to exercise.

1. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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Dancing isn’t just fun; it’s a phenomenal way to improve your balance, agility, and cardiovascular health. Whether it’s a ballroom, salsa, or a free-style living room dance party, moving to the rhythm can boost your mood and keep your heart rate up. You might even forget you’re exercising!

2. Gardening – The Green Gym

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Turning your garden into a verdant oasis is not only therapeutic but surprisingly physical. Digging, planting, weeding, and other gardening activities provide a great workout. Plus, the satisfaction of growing your own fruits and vegetables can encourage a healthier diet.

3. Master The Art of Tai Chi

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Tai Chi, often described as meditation in motion, is perfect for those over 50. This gentle form of martial arts improves flexibility, strength, and balance through slow, controlled movements. They can be very beneficial for maintaining joint health and reducing stress.

4. Get Playful with Grandkids

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If you have grandchildren, you know they’re bundles of energy. Joining their playtime isn’t just a pleasure — it’s a way to stay active. From tag to hide and seek, playing with kids can significantly boost your physical activity levels in a joyful and heartwarming way.

5. Explore Your City’s Walking Tours

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Walking is a fantastic, low-impact exercise, and joining a historical walking tour adds an educational twist. Not only do you get exercise, but you also learn about the architecture, history, and culture of your city, making each step both informative and healthy.

6. Take The Scenic Route with Cycling

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Cycling can be as leisurely or as challenging as you make it. Riding a bike through your local park or cycling trails can provide excellent cardiovascular benefits and a new perspective on your surroundings, all while being gentle on your joints.

7. Water Aerobics

a woman doing pool exercise

Swimming is great, but water aerobics is a fun twist that provides resistance training and cardiovascular benefits without stressing your joints. Plus, the buoyancy of water makes the exercises suitable for those with arthritis or other mobility issues.

8. Join a Community Sports League

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Each of these sports can provide a low cost entry even for beginners. For example, pickleball only requires a paddle, a ball, and a court. As there are thousands of pickleball paddles to choose, you can take a pickleball paddle quiz to help you find the perfect beginner paddle for you.

9. Yoga for Every “Body”

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Yoga can be adapted for any fitness level and offers incredible benefits such as increased flexibility, improved muscle tone, and better balance. Classes like chair yoga or restorative yoga are perfect for beginners and can be a calming way to exercise.

10. Cooking as a Workout

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You might not think of cooking as exercise, but standing, chopping, and stirring are all physical activities. Try new recipes that require a bit more effort. Not only will you work out your body, but you’ll also nourish it with healthy homemade meals.

11. Volunteer Your Way to Fitness

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Volunteering can be physically active and fulfilling. Whether it’s helping at a community garden, participating in beach clean-ups, or setting up local events, you can get a workout while giving back to the community.

12. Mindful Walking

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Turn regular walks into a mindfulness practice by focusing on your senses and the environment around you. This practice can enhance your emotional well-being while you stride, turning a simple walk into a therapeutic exercise for both mind and body.

Staying Fit as You Age

staying fit as you age

Staying fit after 50 doesn’t need to be repetitive or confined to a gym. By incorporating these diverse activities into your lifestyle, not only will you boost your physical healthbut you’llyou’ll also enrich your mental and emotional well-being. 

So, try a fewor try them all, and enjoy the variety in your fitness journey!

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