Tips for Downsizing Your Office Space

December 6, 2019 by Susan Paige

Office space rental often makes up a large part of business operation expenses. Ideally, working in a small office can help you manage your finances because your overall rent will be much lower, and you won’t spend so much on maintenance fees and utility costs. Reducing the size of your office will also allow you to lessen your carbon footprint, thus helping you save money and save the earth as well.

Here are some tips on downsizing your office space without the hassle:

Utilize Energy-Efficient Devices

If you are going to buy equipment for your office, choose the ones that come with compact hardware and flat-screen monitors. They are not only lightweight, but their user interface is much more streamlined. They also do not take up too much office space and use less energy, which can help you reduce utility costs. These devices are also much more durable than their outdated counterparts and often come with a longer warranty, so you don’t have to worry about future repairs.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Moving into an office space with limited square footage, you have to maximize every inch. So, if you are going to buy furniture, go for pieces that have multiple uses. For instance, go for an expandable office desk that can also double as storage space. You can also invest in stacking or nesting chairs to allow more floor space.

Embrace Work from Home Setups

If some of your employees can be trusted to be as productive as when they are in the office or if their job description allows them to work from home comfortably, you should seriously consider allowing them to do so. There are tons of advantages for you in terms of saving operational costs. You do not have to purchase individual desks for them. You can have just one conference table if employees or clients need to come into the office for a meeting. Or you don’t have to have one at all since you can have online conference calls. You would also save on utility costs since only a few people would use electricity in the office.

Less Paper, Fewer Expenses

As technology advances, so does your business operations. If you rely on paperwork, consider transferring your paper files into digital ones. Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, you also clear up a substantial amount of floor space since you won’t be using filing cabinets and storage units to keep tons of unorganized files.

Learn More About Virtual Data Centers

Using data centers is an excellent way to downsize your office expenses. With virtual data centers, you don’t have to spend money and space for modems and physical servers. Additionally, data centers are much more energy-efficient, which can effectively lower your monthly utility bills.

Consider Renting an Office Space

Most small business owners opt to rent office spaces because it allows them to have more control over their expenses. Working with experienced commercial brokers can help them negotiate the best deals on commercial real estate. Jeff Tabor Group shares that obtaining the best office lease terms is often dependent on brokers who can negotiate a below-market lease. Renting an office space allows business owners to enjoy the same benefits of owning one. In fact, it is much more cost-effective since you only have to pay for space you actually use.

There is nothing wrong with downsizing your office; it doesn’t mean the business is doing badly. It just means that you are more aware of your finances and are taking the necessary measures to allocate your funds or your small business loan into a more purposeful expense.

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