Tips for Celebrating Your Women-Owned Business: Event Planning

May 17, 2023 by Erin

Celebrating your women-owned business is a great way to draw attention to your endeavor while connecting with prospective associates, customers, and clients. When you want to plan a celebration for your women-owned business on a budget, there are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you along the way.

Consider the Why of Your Celebration

Before planning an event to celebrate your women-owned business on a budget, consider the why of your celebration. Have you recently achieved a particular milestone that you intend to share with your local community? Are you hosting a fundraiser to help give back to a charity that is relevant to your business? Have you recently expanded your operations? Consider the why of your event to help brainstorm the best locations and the attendees you plan to invite.

Compare Similar Events

Whenever you are thinking of hosting a celebration to honor your women-owned business, it’s important to become familiar with the process. Visiting and researching similar events to your own can help you gain a better idea of what is expected when hosting the type of event you have in mind. Consider where you plan to host your event. For example, can you use your home or office, or will you need to rent a larger venue? These are all things to keep in mind when comparing similar events.

Networking Is Key

Taking the time to network can also help you to become more comfortable with other women-owned businesses in your local community. Networking and connecting with other women will also provide you with valuable insight into their business operations as well as potential competition. The more comfortable you become with networking, the easier it will be to host your own event with similar attendees in the future.

Consider Virtual and In-Person Events

Today, planning events that can be attended in person as well as virtually is ideal. This will not only allow all guests who attend your event to do so comfortably, but it will also help you maximize your reach, both online and off. Using hybrid events can help to spread the word about your business online, within search engines, and even on various social media platforms in a shorter period of time.

Provide Amenities Such as Porta Potties

Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor event, ensuring your event’s guests have proper facilities such as porta-potties is a must. For example, if you are planning to host your event in Atlanta, keep in mind that there are currently more than 5 million residents. While you may not be inviting the whole city, you may still have a large number of guests. Ensure you have enough porta potties to accommodate all of your guests.

Consider Landscaping

When you are hosting an outdoor event, it’s also imperative to verify that the surrounding lawn and landscaping will be taken care of prior to your event. If you’re hosting your event in Georgia, keep in mind that grass in the State of Georgia can grow up to six inches per week, especially during the hottest months of the year. The average lawn, according to Weed Pro, is approximately 1/5 of an acre in size. Before choosing a location for your event to celebrate your women-owned business, be sure to clarify that landscaping will be taken care of ahead of time.

Remain Authentic at All Times

Sticking to your authentic self at all times is essential as a woman entrepreneur in business. If you want to truly stand out while helping your brand to appeal to as many individuals as possible, you will need to stay true to your own self. Stick to a message that you genuinely believe in while building your business and brand to garner dedicated followers and customers along the way.

Planning a celebration for your women-owned business is a great way to spread the word about your business while solidifying yourself as a professional and reputable individual in your market. By hosting a successful event for your business, you can also connect with prospective investors, associates, as well as clientele for the future.

Are you looking to host an event for your women-owned business? Be sure to keep these tips in mind for a successful celebration of your women-owned business on a budget.

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