7 Secrets to Throw an Amazing Party On A Shoestring Budget

October 9, 2019 by Kate Fox

7 Secrets to Throw an Amazing Party On A Shoestring Budget

The holidays are coming. Halloween is less than a month. Thanksgiving is next month. And Christmas is 77 days. All these holidays mean one thing – it’s time to party. If you plan to host a party this year, but need to watch your spending, below are seven secrets to throw a big party on a budget.

1. Set a Budget and Make a Plan

It’s best to set your limits ahead of time. The best practice is to identify your theme first, then determine what you need to buy to foster your theme. You’ll also want to know how many are on your invite list so that you can budget for food and drinks. The Chickabug has a great guide on what to serve based on the numbers in your party.

2. Recruit Help

Don’t spend money unnecessarily. If you don’t have it, borrow it. Especially for one-time items that you don’t plan to use. No sense in buying a black cake stand that sits on Frankenstein’s head, if the couple next door who threw last year’s Halloween party has one. If you’re throwing an outdoor party, ask your neighbors to bring lawn chairs and their bbq grills.

3. Send digital invitations

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create amazing invitations. Canva is a free tool with templates for every theme imaginable. Drop in the date, time, address, and any other information necessary for your guests. Download the template and send them by email or through evite.com.

4. Potlucks Are Back

You don’t have the bear the full cost of the party. Potlucks are on trend again, and everyone loves to help. Ask your guests to bring their favorite dish in conjunction with your theme. To help organize, you can assign each guest a different type of dish. For example, ask a few to bring appetizers, another group to bring desserts – and you supply the main dish.

5. Keep the Alcohol to a Minimum

Alcohol will be the most expensive line item in your budget. If you’re trying to spend as little money as possible, skip the alcohol or list BYOB on your invitation. If you want to include alcohol at your party, keep it to the basics. Either create a unique cocktail aligned with your theme or provide only one or two spirits, instead of a fully stocked bar.

6. Buy in Bulk – Including Flowers

If you’re planning to provide paper plates, plastic silverware, and cups at your party, head over to Costco or Sams to grab your party items. You should also buy any food or drink items you need in bulk to cut down on costs. Have you considered adding flowers to your decor? Costco has some of the best flowers at a reasonable price.

7. Remember Why You’re Celebrating

You may be throwing a party on a budget. That’s okay because the most essential ingredient is free: FUN! Remember the reason for your gathering and have the best time celebrating it.


What the least amount of money you’ve spent hosting a party? Let us know in the comments below.


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