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April 30, 2018 by Susan Paige
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You might want to check out opportunities to work from home. Working at home is a good plan regardless of whether you’ve just graduated from university or been laid off from a long-time employer. It offers the chance for young parents to stay at home with their kids while bringing in an income and can jump-start a new business by removing the costs of renting office space and equipment. Regardless of the reasons, working at home might be the right move for you.

There are many advantages to working from home. They include

  • You’ll save commuting time and transportation costs.
  • You’ll control your schedule (unless you’re working remotely and have time commitments).  If you can’t sleep at night, no problem – do your work when it suits you and then take a nap the next day when you’re tired.
  • You can work in your pjs and slippers if you prefer. No one is going to check to make sure that your tie is on straight or that your socks match. You’ll also save a ton of money by not worrying about heading to work in dress-for-success attire.
  • You can enjoy tax breaks through writing off supplies, equipment and even the section of your home in which you work. There are also tax breaks on your car if you use it for your work. You’ll also pay taxes on your income AFTER EXPENSES. As an employee, even if you have expenses (internet for working after hours, car expenses for meetings, etc) you can’t deduct those from your taxes.
  • You aren’t tied to the job market in your locale. You can take on work for a contractor who is located on the other side of the country – or even on the other side of the globe. Job seekers don’t need focus only on the employment opportunities in their town or city.

All of these benefits explain why increasingly, members of the global workforce are choosing to work from home.

Types of Work at Home Jobs

There are several different types of work-at-home jobs. There are jobs that you do from home.  For instance, if you’re a gardener, you can do your paperwork and scheduling from your home office but the actual work, of course, is in people’s gardens.

You might also run a business from home. Sometimes that involves trips to on-site meetings or consultations and sometimes you can do everything from your home office.

Many employers are looking for workers who will work remotely. It’s a good deal for those employers because it saves them money on office space for the employees, yet allows them to get the job done. There are many technical concerns and design studios who employ workers who complete their work assignments from home.

Additionally, a business may wish to sub-contract work to an individual who is working at home. For instance, an accountant may subcontract a portion of the bookkeeping work to a self-employed bookkeeper. Both sides gain – the bookkeeper does the work in a comfortable home environment and the accountant frees up his/her time to complete more pressing assignments.

Home Business Opportunities

Ideas for your home business include:

Online Store

You can sell someone else’s product or make your own and sell it from your own home. You can use an online shop, such as eBay, to make your sales. Alternatively you can  create your own website and do your own marketing. It all depends on how much time and effort you have to put into the marketing aspect of the business.

You’ll also need to consider what type of space you need – if you need to produce your product and then store an inventory you’ll need space. If space is a problem you can have products made or acquired and then shipped as the orders come in.


Airbnb is an online booking site that encourages people with an extra room in their house or an unused portion of their home to rent it out. It’s meant to offer travelers a homey, friendly option for accommodations. On the Airbnb site you can register to rent out your space for as many days as you wish – rent out full-time or rent out part-time. You can offer your place at a discount or at full-price or give deals for specific days of the time or times of the year.

Some travelers are happy to stay in a budget guestroom that shares facilities with your household – once you tell people that that’s what you’re offering, you can snap up that market. Make sure that your local laws give you the option of subletting some of your home out in this way.

Operate an Online Casino

Operating an online casino, like the Lincoln Casino, demands a serious investment in the infrastructure needed to run a vibrant casino program. But if you have an igaming software provider who can give you a gaming management system with online payment options, you can get started.

You must research the different game developers to make sure that you will be working with a top casino games provider. You need a software provider that has a wide range of experience in the gaming industry.

The most common type of agreement between a software company and a new online casino is a white-label solution.  This is a leasing agreement in which the casino leases the gaming software and the payment processing system using the developer’s own gaming license. Then the casino can open under an established turnkey infrastructure.

You’ll also need a license from  the area in which you live, a good front-end that displays the options from which players will choose. And the infrastructure for customer support. Once you’ve accomplished these tasks you can run the business from your home.


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