New Year Declutter Challenge: Set Yourself Up For Success

January 3, 2019 by Amanda Blankenship

new year declutter

Decluttering is a great way to keep your goals and resolutions on track. Getting rid of clutter will clear your mind and possibly even help generate some extra cash. Because of this, many people have begun embarking on a New Year declutter challenge. Here’s how it works…

2019 New Year Declutter Challenge

Many folks have started the new year watching the new Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. In the show, Marie talks about how much value you place on our things. Instead, she says, you should thank your items for the time they provided what you needed and move on.

In the same spirit as Kondo’s show, many folks are embarking on a declutter challenge this year. The Saving Advice forums already have an entire thread on the 2019 version of the challenge.

How the Challenge Works

From the Saving Advice forums…

For those who are wondering why this thread is posted to a saving money forum, I firmly believe that this IS a financial topic for a number of reasons. If you sell things you no longer need, you earn money. If you donate things you no longer need, you help others less fortunate and may get a tax break. If you find things you’ve been missing, it keeps you from spending money to replace them. And if you get used to living with less clutter, it encourages you to not spend on things you don’t really need.

For those reasons, we are participating in a declutter challenge this year as well. We will be cleaning out a different section of our home each weekend. For instance, the first weekend of the month we will be focusing on cleaning out our closets and organizing what is in them. After we got done, we brought our items to sell at a local consignment store and then brought the leftovers to a donation bin.

The second weekend of the challenge, we will be cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and giving everything a good clean. After we are done, we will get rid of any appliances or odds and ends we no longer use or don’t need.

Depending on your home, you’ll be able to space this out over the next 52 weeks and seriously declutter your life. Not to mention, you may be able to make some extra cash to stash away in savings.

Readers, what do you think about this declutter challenge?

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