How to Save on Home Renovations and Maintenance with Patio Covers

September 19, 2019 by Justin Weinger

If you’re the type of person that wants to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of traveling, then a patio cover is the perfect extension to your home. Patio covers are also a way to maintain your patio floors, walls and furniture so you can save on renovation and maintenance costs.

There are various styles of patio covers to select from, but the most popular designs are lattice and solid canopies. Both patio cover designs are elegant, durable and easy to maintain, but which style would suit your needs?

If you’re looking for a way to protect your patio from the elements and save some money, take a look at each application so you can decide which patio canopy will give you the most coverage.

Lattice Styles and Benefits

What does a Lattice Patio Cover Look Like?

A lattice patio design resembles a trellis or grid. Beams or panels are systematically placed with spaces in between to allow more light to shine through.

Types of Materials Used to Build a Lattice Patio Cover

The most common type of materials used to build a lattice patio are wooden panels or aluminum beams. Wood is a popular choice because it adds a rustic look and beautiful earth tones to your outdoor designs. To save money long term, aluminum is a wise option as it doesn’t easily show wear and tear.

Where are They Typically Found?

Lattice patios are typically found in tropical regions where there’s mild rain during the summer and no snowfall. Make sure you pick garden decor according to your area’s climate. Pick wrong and you’ll spend a lot of money maintaining it.

What are the Benefits of This Design?

The lattice design allows air and light to flow through your patio while still protecting you from harsh UV rays and heavy winds. Another advantage is you can decorate lattice patios with greenery such as vines. There will be ample space between the grids of the design for your plants to flourish.

Lattice patio covers are typically used for their aesthetics rather than protection from the elements. But you can add material or other durable layers of protection to your lattice cover to protect your furniture and patio floors from damage.

Solid Patio Styles and Benefits

What does a Solid Patio Cover Look Like?

A solid patio cover is a roof with a solid ceiling. There are no holes or grids that allow wind or rain to come through the structure. They may be more costly, but they afford more protection so you’ll save on furniture repair in the long term.

Types of Materials Used to Build Solid Patio Covers

For a solid patio design, you can use glass, wood or aluminum. The type of material you use will greatly impact the aesthetics of the roof. Glass panels will allow more light through but will protect you from rain and snowfall. Also, as an alternative to the glass panels, you could use polycarbonate sheets to the same effect.

Aluminum is the most versatile as it can be used in hot or cold climates. Once again, this material provides a long-term cost saving option.

Where are They Typically Found?

A solid patio roof is found in regions that experience heavy rainfall, snow, hail and strong winds. The solid patio cover fully protects your walls, flooring and outdoor furniture from the elements.

What are the Benefits of This Design?

A solid patio cover design allows you to install electrical wiring so you can place light fixtures on the ceiling. This option also allows you to host outdoor parties as you’ll be protected from rain, harsh sun rays and snow. This makes your home more versatile as an events area so you don’t have to spend money hiring spaces elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know more about these two patio styles, which one did you like the most? Talking to experts such as City Seamless can also help determine the best way forward for your particular scenario. Each home is different, so make sure you find the best long term solution!

If you’ve made a decision on the design and style you prefer, contact a reputable company to install yours. You can enjoy the outdoors more and being able to relax outside is worth the capital investment, right?

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