How To Protect Your Home From Wildfires

August 15, 2019 by Justin Weinger

It’s hard to deny the effects of climate change when the temperatures around the world continue to rise. Even in places that are traditionally warmer like Arizona, the heat has been off the charts for the past few years. The impact on the environment has been devastating and has been, in large part, a contributing factor to uncontrollable wildfires.

Even if you don’t live in an area where forest fires are common, the threat is real in many places now. Protecting your home should be a priority when the conditions are fair for wildfires to develop. As a homeowner, there are a few things that you can do to help keep the fires at bay.

Most homes that become engulfed in flames due to wildfires ignite from embers falling on their roofs. Along with your roof, there are other areas around your home that need your attention to help keep the risk of fire damage to a minimum.


Fire-resistant roofing materials including metal, concrete, clay and rubber composite tiles are the best options to create a fire barrier for your home. Fireproof roof vents and screens can help to prevent burning embers from getting sucked down into your pipes. If you have a fireplace, it’s a good idea to install a chimney spark arrestor screen to keep that area safe.

The professionals at City Seamless will remind you to keep your gutters clean of leaves and debris that can easily start a fire due to floating embers or sparks. Trim the trees that are close to your home or overhang your roof regularly to help prevent the spread of flames if they are to catch.

Property Preparation

The best fire preparation for your home is to create a defensible barrier that surrounds your entire property. Remove all debris including leaf piles and fallen branches. In areas that are prone to wildfires it’s even a good idea to create a shallow ditch around your property and fill it with sand. The ditch will act as a valuable barrier that fire is not likely to cross.

Invest in a sprinkler system to help soak your lawns and house in the event of a fire. Keep your lawn cut closely and always clean up any trimmings that can act as tinder for a hungry fire. When planting, make sure to keep your trees a minimum of 10 feet apart. If you have a woodpile, always store it at least 50 feet from your home.

Home & Landscaping

You may not realize that even your surrounding gardens and landscaping can put your home at risk during a wildfire. When you are designing your landscaping, keep fire safety in mind. Construct porches and patios out of composite materials instead of wood. Never let a wood fence adjoin right to the side of your home.

Consider creating stone garden beds to act as a fire barrier within 10 ft of your house. Shutters and windows should be made from fire-resistant materials as well. Keep your garden decorations to a minimum and make sure that they are made from fire-resistant materials.

Your home itself can be at risk if it is made out from flammable materials. You are safer constructing a home that is covered in brick, stucco or concrete when it comes to fire protection.


We have all seen or witnessed the devastation that wildfires can cause. With shifting winds and prime conditions, fire can spread at an alarming rate. Be proactive and take the advice from these home protection tips to keep your house and family safe when there is a risk of fire.

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