How to Find Cheap Accommodation in Capital Cities

August 1, 2019 by Susan Paige

Valletta, the capital city of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta, is a historic wonderland that has to be seen to be believed. Although it was heavily damaged by the brutal fighting in World War II, Valletta, or il-Belt, as it is known in Maltese, is now a tourist attraction on par with anything the European mainland has to offer. It’s only about a square kilometer in area, but it packs a lot of punch in that tiny space.

Being small means it is easy to move around in. There are even self-guided Segway tours with digital GPS maps to show you how to get around. So, if you’re for a way to travel cheap and still have a great time doing it, a trip to Valletta in Malta should definitely be on your itinerary.

Alternate Lodging Arrangements

There some good hotels in Valletta. Actually, there are a lot of great hotels in Valletta, but if you’re looking for something a little more budget-conscious, there are also boutique living apartments that can be rented. Don’t forget to check with Airbnb. They’ve got a wonderful selection of off-beat ideas and places to stay, some for as little as $19 a night to rent a room in someone’s apartment.

History Everywhere You Turn

Malta is jam-packed with historic treasures and sites. You can get a quick overview in this Valletta Travel Guide – 9 Essential Tips for holidays in Malta, but let’s cover one really quickly just to give you a taste.

The Apostle Paul was shipwrecked on the island of Malta around 60 A.D. In the Book of Acts, Luke recorded that the people there were extremely kind to the survivors of the shipwreck. One of them was a man named Publius. According to tradition, Paul cured Publius’ father of fever and Publius converted to Christianity, later becoming the first Bishop of Malta. The Cathedral of Mdina stands on what tradition says was the location of Publius’ house.

As an interesting side note, the name Publius was used as a pseudonym for some of the Founding Fathers of America to argue in favor of replacing the Articles of Confederation with the (then) new Constitution. So, there is a direct historical connection between Malta and America. Maybe that’s why so many Maltese speak English. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to talk to anyone you meet.

Get Paid To Travel

If money is still too tight to let you take off around the world, maybe you can get paid to travel. It’s one of those things that sounds too good to be true but actually is true. There are plenty of websites that will pay you to stay in a particular hotel, or eat at certain restaurants and write about your experiences there. Maybe you can teach English as a Second Language, provide security as some of Valletta’s hot nightspots and clubs, or take care of people’s children while they’re sightseeing.

Working vacations are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people, as a way to see the world without going broke or taking out a gargantuan loan in the process. Take what you like to do, what you’re good at and enjoy, then shop around for overseas jobs in those areas. You’d be surprised what you can find out there.

Take Some Suntan Lotion

Malta is a Mediterranean island, with crystal clear blue waters and some of the most outstanding beaches in the world. Grab a beach towel and some suntan lotion head for the water. From Valletta you can leave town in any direction you want, within minutes you’ll be at the beach.

St. Paul’s Bay, where tradition has it that the Apostle had his famous shipwreck, has appropriately rocky beaches but some of the best snorkeling on the island. The bay is sheltered from the ocean swells and currents, so it has a lot of interesting sea life to swim with.

Armier Bay on the far northern tip of Malta has two remote beaches that are generally ignored by the touristy types because you have to take a bit of a walk to reach them from the nearest parking lot.  The locals sometimes take a tent and pitch camp all day with their kids. There are lots of good amenities at both beaches and the beaches are kid-friendly.

The Place To Go

If you want an inexpensive vacation with history, culture, nightlife, and beaches galore, then Malta is the place you want to go to!

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