How to Cost-Efficiently Improve Your Women-Owned Business’ Working Space

May 8, 2023 by Erin

As a women-owned business, you have a lot on your plate. While you’re busy promoting your product or service, managing staff, handling marketing campaigns, profit margins, etc., customizing your office space is probably low on your list of priorities. You’re also always looking for ways to be cost-efficient and stretch out your income. Improving your office area doesn’t have to be expensive, and here are some ways to cost-efficiently improve your women-owned business’ working space.

Create a Cohesive, Clutter-Free Space

It’s scientifically proven that people feel more stressed in cluttered, disorganized spaces. Your employees may feel overwhelmed if they sit at a desk with stacks of paperwork and boxes around them. Ensure everything in your office has a place, making it easier to keep it clean. Throw away or donate anything you no longer need. Then, devote time to sorting through everything left behind.

Make an Easy-to-Follow System

You shouldn’t be the only person keeping your office space organized. Pick up some boxes and label each one. That way, your employees will know where to put things as well. Be realistic with the system and make sure it’s easy to follow. Designate a closet exclusively for stationery and another for company merchandise. Once you’ve done this, you can trust everyone to help declutter spaces.

Buy Gently Used Furniture

Office furniture can be costly, but it doesn’t need to be brand new. Few people will notice or care if they are working at a second-hand desk or sitting on a couch you got from a thrift store. Pick a color scheme to create a peaceful environment, and choose furniture items matching your palette.

It’s okay to buy a few new things. Since manufacturing contributes $2.17 trillion to the U.S. economy, plenty of options are available at a wide range of prices. You don’t need to go over your budget. Keep an eye on sales at your favorite stores and check for open-box options, where retailers sell returned stuff at a reduced price.

Install Programmable Thermostats

Improving your space isn’t just about the furniture. It needs to be an area that’s easy to work in, and part of that means controlling the temperature. Whether you live in a region with icy winters or scorching summers, your office shouldn’t reflect the harsh conditions outside, or it will affect productivity.

Air conditioning is why many companies can have their headquarters in hot areas. In fact, since 1960, 60% of America’s economic growth in the South and West can be attributed to air conditioning, making it possible to work and live year-round in comfortable conditions. While you probably understand its importance, it can be expensive to run, if you install programmable thermostats, you can control energy costs and adjust the temperature when the office is empty.

Buy in Bulk and Negotiate Shipping Rates

Part of managing your company’s energy waste is reducing shipping costs. Once you have a decluttered space, you can buy things in bulk, creating more space. Buying in bulk tends to be cheaper, as retailers offer discounts, and you can save money on shipping costs.

95% of the world’s cargo moves by ship, meaning a significant amount of your office supplies will be transported by water. If buying in bulk isn’t an option, consider finding a local supplier for things like office supplies, furniture, etc., which will reduce your dependence on things being moved by ship. Also, only buy what you need, as it is common for companies to over-buy stuff like notebooks, pens, paper, and more.

Improving your women-owned business doesn’t have to break your budget. Buying used furniture or stuff on sale, maintaining a controlled but comfortable temperature year-round, and cutting your dependency on shipping costs are all effective ways to improve your working space without spending excessive money. That way, you can focus on what’s important: running a women-owned business.

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