Cost Saving Tips For Stay At Home Parents  

October 31, 2017 by James Hendrickson

Moving to a single income following the birth of a child can be a squeeze on the household budget. Once maternity leave payments run out after 18 weeks or even 12 from some employers, you might start wondering how you’ll keep on top of expenses when you can’t physically be in an office or onsite at your regular job. There are, however, several things you can do to ease the squeeze if you plan ahead. Read below for a selection of things to keep income coming in when you can’t go out!

There are literally hundreds of selling options if you are prepared to operate as a home based, retail consultant. Unless you are a keen salesperson of have a pre-existing network of willing customers, this route can initially be a lot of hard work to grow a client base. If you are interested in this type of income, carefully read up on the company you will sell on behalf of – be wary of ones that encourage you to heavily invest your own cash to have inventory on hand, they are most likely a type of pyramid scheme and best avoided. The big names that are known in the business, such as Tupperware and Avon are better places to start for a novice seller as they are well established and offer better support for up and coming consultants.

A quick and easy way to make cash when you’re literally watching TV or even listening out for the end (or start) of nap time is online surveys. Many companies will conduct their market research through online platforms, meaning you can sit and click through to cash or gift cards. Gift cards for groceries, for example, can be a great way to save up for special occasions such as Chirstmas or birthdays. Most people will have several accounts with various survey providers to maximise their earnings. It’s typically slow and steady, but it does add up!

If you’re considering staying home in the longer term raising your child and you need reliable income, you might even consider completing a childcare course in Melbourne, or wherever in Victoria you are based. Once accredited and you obtain the necessary certifications such as a Working with Children check, you can run family day care out of the comfort of your own home. For many parents this is a way to earn income as they care for their child, plus a few others. The ratios of carer to child are far lower than childcare centres which is a strong selling point for a lot of parents. The best family daycares will often have a lengthy waiting list, which is all the more encouraging for you if you are looking to establish one yourself. Furthermore, as part of your ongoing education to meet the required standards as a childcare provider, you and your child will benefit from your up to date knowledge of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and maintenance of a current first aid qualification.

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