Businesses That Make Money While You Sleep

December 6, 2016 by Amanda Blankenship

Make Money While You Sleep
Making money usually takes a significant amount of time and effort but what if there was a way you could make money while you sleep?

Good news: there are ways you can make money while you sleep. It sounds a little crazy, however, there are a ton of businesses that can help you get some rest knowing when you wake up you’ll be a few dollars richer.

Make Money While You Sleep

Making money while you sleep seems like a strange idea, however, there are many ways to do it that are pretty commonplace when it comes to making a buck. Here are some of the best ways to make money while you sleep:

  1. Stocks and Bonds: People have been using stocks and bonds as a way to make money while you sleep for decades. The stock market can be a gamble though so don’t put all of your cash into one. Be sure to have a diversified portfolio.
  2. Rental Properties: Rental properties are another great investment that can help you make money while you sleep, especially if you can buy the property outright with no mortgage. Once you rent it out you will be making money without having to lift a finger.
  3. Rewards Credit Cards: Credit cards have become a way to pull in a little extra cash. Obviously you don’t want to rack up debt trying to get cash back rewards, however, if you use your card correctly you can get a substantial amount of cash back.
  4. Affiliate Blogging: If you run a blog you can register with affiliate companies and link back to their sites for extra cash. Payout can differ but there are many blogs that run on affiliate income alone and it is a great way to make money while you sleep.
  5. Rent an Unused Space: If you have an unused room in your house or even an over-the-garage room you can rent it out for extra cash with little effort. It is yet another way to make money without giving a whole lot of thought to the process.

Businesses That Will Help You Make Money While You Sleep

The above ideas may seem a little taxing and may seem that they would take up a lot of your awake time. The following businesses, however, can help you make money while you sleep:

  1. Custom Signage Ordering Companies – companies like vista print that are B2B are able to generate a large volume of orders online – even while the owner is sleeping. There isn’t too much overheard, and these businesses are relatively easy to set up and aren’t overly complicated. Start up costs aren’t too much either. One of the most popular ordered items is custom signage.
  2. Stock Brokerage Companies: ScottradeCharles Schwab, Fidelity InvestmentsE-Trade and TD Ameritrade are some of the top brokerage companies in the United States. If you are interested in investing you may want to contact one of the companies. You can also check out online brokerage firms such as Betterment and Acorns.
  3. Property Management Companies: If you want to rent outa property and not have to worry about it too much you’ll want to get a property manager. Depending on where you live, property management companies will vary. However, some of the most popular property managers across the U.S. are Talley Properties and My Home Leasing.
  4. Credit Card Companies: If you want to make some cash through cash back rewards you’ll have to get a credit card or debit card that provides this type of reward. Discover is a great credit card with a significant rewards program. Also, if you frequently use PayPal you can get a PayPal Business Debit Card which provides 1% cash back on all purchases.
  5. Companies with Affiliate Opportunities: Most large companies have affiliate opportunities. One of the best affiliate programs is Amazon. The company is able to provide a good payout rate for blogs linking to the site’s items for sale.
  6. Register with Airbnb: If you are looking to rent out an unused space you may want to register with Airbnb. Airbnb allows you to rent a room in your house or rent an entire house or apartment simply by applying and becoming a registered Airbnb location

If you are looking to make passive income or make money while you sleep these are some great places to start. It’s never too late to start securing your finances with some extra cash flow.

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