4 Inexpensive Ways to Change Your Career

November 8, 2022 by Erin

The process of changing your career can seem overwhelming, especially when you consider the price behind some of the degrees you may need to make a career switch. However, to make the transition easier some people are turning to fake Harvard diplomas and other certificates to give them a leg up on their competition. Even though it may cost a significant amount of money, this is often seen as a worthwhile investment when considering the rewards that come from having more qualifications than others. Not only does this give you a better chance at getting hired for higher paying jobs, but also allows you to gain more respect and credibility amongst your peers. “The good news is that there are a few key ways you can change your career path without having to break the bank or even take out loans. Here’s how you can switch jobs (and even industries) without spending an arm and a leg.

1. Use Skillshare and Other Online Classroom Sites

There are many places where you can learn new skills online. Often, experts put up free and paid videos in order to spread their knowledge and get another source of income. If you want to try out some new skills in order to find a potential career path, look into online classroom sites like Skillshare. If Skillshare doesn’t have the topics you want, look for another place to learn them. There are 1.8 billion websites running at the same time every day around the globe, so there are plenty of resources available to you. With these sites, you can take a class at your own pace, entirely on video. It allows you to learn new skills in a safe environment. Plus, you can often take as many classes as you want for a flat monthly rate, giving you an opportunity to explore.

2. Take Advantage of YouTube

If you want to explore new topics without taking a class on them, YouTube can be a great resource for you. Here, you don’t need to buy anything to learn new skills. Instead, you can watch videos on any topic you choose. YouTube is a way to explore new ideas and dig deeper into the ones that interest you. As you consider potential career ideas, YouTube allows you to learn more about the field and what it would be like to actually work there. YouTube can often be more gritty and amateur compared with classes on Skillshare, but that provides you with an honest look, which can often help make or break your decisions.

3. Enroll in Courses on Coursera

You can take college courses and get credit for them on Coursera. On this site, college professors upload video lectures and assignments that students around the world can do at their own pace. The material is exactly the same as it would be in a college classroom, but without having to leave your home. Coursera has a monthly subscription cost, too, so you can work at your own pace.

4. Do Volunteer Work

If you don’t have the qualifications to get hired somewhere else, doing volunteer work in your community can help you make new connections and learn new skills. There are many types of volunteer work available, so there is bound to be something that fits your schedule and strengths. You might work with communities in need or you might help small businesses. Find an opportunity that interests you and start volunteering. You might find that this volunteer work puts you in touch with opportunities for a whole new career.

Switching careers is a big step to take, but it’s one that can transform your life. If you’re starting on the path to a career change, you don’t want to invest a lot of money into it right away. Use the resources and tips listed here in order to help you build new skills and find new opportunities. Whether you’re interested in digital marketing, healthcare, or any other field, these tips will go a long way toward helping you toward your new career.

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