4 Cultural Differences Italy has with other countries

May 28, 2019 by Susan Paige

Do you want to visit Italy? If you want to do it, then don’t worry because you can do it without spending a fortune.  This this site has good deals. So, you better check it out. Anyways, following we are going to discuss some cultural differences, you should mind while in Italy.

1. Tipping

Tipping is not customary in Italy as it is in the US. Sometimes, people take tipping as an offense. So be careful. You should understand that most waiters or bartenders ear a reasonable wage, and they don’t rely on tips. They might scoff you off when tipped.

So, it’s not necessary to tip in Italy unless the service was great. You better round up the bill to nearest ten instead of getting extra coins in your pocket.

2.  Cash

Cash is the widespread method of payment across Italy. Most places don’t accept credit card, so you are better off with cash in your hand.  Also, you need to carry some small change with you when you are going out in Italy. Still, if you pass off a big note, people don’t like it here.

Get the Ticket before Boarding a Transport

In many parts around the world, it’s fine if you get the ticket after you board the transport. So, when you are going out in Italy, make sure you buy the tickets before you board something.  In Italy, you are given a receipt which acts as a sort of token. So, keep yourself out of trouble and always buy a ticket before you ride the bus in Italy.

3.  Buy Coffee before you visit Bar

Most coffee bars in Italy needs you to buy coffee or something else. You will receive a receipt once you paid which you will have to present to the barrister. You can present it to the barrister as your tone. If you are not sure, you can always ask the barrister. Yes, you will need to obtain your recipients as they work as a receipt.

Dink the Coffee

You should know it is more expensive to be served at a table than standing and drinking; you have to become your waiter in these cases

Secure the Receipts

Do you know when a waiter thrust? There is a reason for doing so. You are unable to produce receipts on your on in case you spend money on anything. When you buy something you better record it, show it with the tax charges.

If this is not done properly, you and the store can be fined. So, you have to carry the receipt with you for a while to make sure your food gets fined.

4.  Don’t buy from unlicensed vendors

If you were to Italy, you better learn the touts because you will find vendors even on the busiest streets. These people sell fake stuff usually, but if you are careful, you will stop buying from these vendors who sell fake stuff to you without a receipt. The best thing you can do here is let the police know of these vendors.

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