3 Tips to Help You Create an Unboring Life

July 3, 2019 by Susan Paige

If you eat only at a handful of select restaurants, always choose comedies over science fiction movies, and like to buy blue cars with tan interiors — every single time — going through the same routine over and over may be wearing on you.

Indeed, all the above has caused you to realize your life has become more than predictable. And while you’re generally happy, your day-to-day existence is pretty — gasp! — boring.

Fear not, kind person who drives a blue Toyota to the same Mexican restaurant every Friday night. Recognizing that your life is a tad boring is the first step toward livening things up a bit. As you will soon see, it can be freeing and fun to come up with plenty of ways to make your life zippier and less predictable.

Here are some tips that can help you to stop going through the motions and start enjoying life:

1. Mix It Up

The first step toward making your life less boring is to add some new experiences to it. While you might not want to run out and get a tattoo (although that might make you feel less boring), you should jot down some ideas on a few 4×6 file cards and put them on your mirrors, desk and refrigerator.

For instance, while you love the fajitas at your neighborhood Mexican restaurant, your friends have been raving about the new Indian place, so give them a call and set up a time for a mid-week lunch. Likewise, if you typically drive the same way to work every day, take a detour on the way home to check out some new neighborhoods and experience some different scenery.

And, if you always plan the same type of vacation every year, be brave and unboring and do something totally different this time. For instance, look into any number of Alaskan cruises in 2019 and book a week-long journey to Alaska to ooh and ahh over snow-covered glaciers and exciting ports of call.

Are you tired of your monotonous work routine? Try visiting corporate retreats New York with your colleagues and take it slow.

2. Create a List

Instead of the classic bucket list, come up with a “fun list” of the many things you would like to do. Now, don’t jot down the same old stuff you do all the time. Rather, add plenty of new ideas to the list, like:

Treating yourself to a new pair of running shoes and going for brisk walks around the neighborhood

Puttering around the garage to clean out boxes and rediscovering old treasures

Texting an old friend to say hello and making plans to see them and their children

When you feel like your day is boring, pull out the list and pick one or more things to do that day to get you out of your rut.

3. Learn Something New

Another terrific way to make your life less predictable is to learn something new. As LifeHack.org notes, you can really up the non-boring ante by doing something that scares you — a public speaking class or sky diving lesson — or you can certainly stick with a topic you have always wanted to learn.

Examples include ballroom dancing, gourmet cooking, crocheting, oil painting and sports like kickboxing, swimming or diving.

Life is Short — Make it Fun!

While there’s nothing wrong with doing the same things all the time, there is so much to see, learn and experience in this world that it’s definitely a good idea to embrace change and make your life more interesting.

Go ahead and see that sci-fi movie with your BFF, take a Zumba class and enjoy a relaxing cruise. With these ideas, your life should begin to feel less dull. And who knows? You may just love these new activities just as much, if not more, than your usual choices that they become part of your routine.

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