Who is Richer? Democrats or Republicans?

February 23, 2024 by Jenny Smedra

Democrats vs Republicans

Without a doubt, finances shape the landscape of American politics. However, the financial muscle behind each party has long been a subject of intense scrutiny and debate. So when it comes down to the dollar and cents of it, who is richer, Democrats or Republicans?

The Financial Divide: an Overview

The financial landscape of American politics is as diverse as its electorate. There are significant variances in wealth among the members and supporters of both parties. Contrary to popular belief, the distribution of wealth does not strictly align with party lines. Historical data and recent studies have shown surprising trends, with increasing wealth on both sides of the aisle.

While Republicans have traditionally been seen as the party of affluence, Democrats are not far behind. A quick comparison will reveal that both parties have numerous members with impressive net worths within their ranks.

Who Are the Richest American Politicians?

The answer to this question largely depends on the context which you view it from. Therefore, we are going to look at historical facts and figures to offer the broadest view.

Current Politicians

Based on current data compiled by Visual Capitalist and GOBankingRates, this is the top 10 list of current politicians that have the greatest net worth. To qualify for this list, the individual must currently hold a state or federal office. However, it also considers individuals who are currently running for these positions as well.

Who is Richer - Democrats or Republicans?

As you can see from this data, Republicans dominate the top 10. However, it is interesting to note that more than half of all Congressional members are millionaires. While the average net worth is also above $1 million, much of the wealth is concentrated in the top 10% of its members.


The Richest U.S. Presidents

Taking another view of the financial debate, 24/7 Wall Street analyzed historical data for each of the American presidents. Wealth and social connections have helped many politicians achieve their presidential dreams and maintain political dynasties. While not all presidents started life in the lap of luxury, many of them came from substantial wealth.

While the figures were adjusted to the inflation levels of December 2018, this table provides another interesting view of the fortunes and political affiliations of the men who led our country throughout its history. Their total net worth takes into account all their assets including real estate, inheritance, ownership of companies, savings, profits from family estates, royalties, and other sources of income.

Who is Richer - Democrats or Republicans?

This list shows much greater diversity within its ranks and more even distribution across current and former political parties.

Which Party is the Party of the 1 Percent?

Who is Richer - Democrats or Republicans?

Although decision-makers in Congress and the White House play a significant role in national politics, you cannot ignore the impact of wealth on politics. The financial clout of a party impacts its policy priorities, campaign strategies, and legislative agendas. Wealthy party members and politicians can wield considerable power by shaping national discourse and influencing decisions. Therefore, the wealth of party supporters is another critical aspect of this discussion.

While stereotypes often paint Republicans as the wealthy elite, Democrats are hardly all members of the working class. The reality is much more nuanced, with both parties boasting supporters across the political spectrum. Even if you try to determine party affiliations from the Forbes list of the wealthiest Americans, you will quickly discover that many of them contribute to candidates and Super PACs from both parties. Even those who present themselves as centrist or social liberals tend towards fiscal conservatism when you track their political contributions.

While some billionaires such as George Soros and Rupert Murdoch have been very vocal about their political leanings and contributions in public forums, most prefer to exert their influence in other ways. Many engage in “stealth politics” by remaining behind the scenes to help shape national policy. By staying out of the limelight and public debates, they can avoid criticism and debate while funding the candidates and organizations that support their agenda.

Who Gets More Funding: Democrats or Republicans?

Who is Richer - Democrats or Republicans?


First, both parties receive substantial support. During the 2024 election cycle, six committees associated with the parties reported that they have raised a combined total of $572 million so far. In a side-by-side comparison, Democrats come out ahead when it comes to official fundraising for their campaigns. They are currently holding more than $315 million while the Republican party has only accrued about $257 million. But, there is still a long road ahead until election day.

Much of it comes from registered voters who make $100K+ annually. However, in past elections, the majority of funds came from a small group of private donors.  And, this doesn’t account for outside spending which is not used by the candidates or reported to the Federal Election Committee. Furthermore, Super Political Action Committees (Super PACs) can contribute unlimited funds to influence elections and legislation. These entities often reflect the interests of the wealthiest individuals and corporations. And if you look at which Super PACs the billionaires have backed in the past, their continued support would shift the scales in the Republicans’ favor. 

Democrats or Republicans: Who Has the Higher Income?

Who is Richer - Democrats or Republicans?

In the end, the question of which party is richer has no straightforward answers. Both sides have vast financial resources and wealthy supporters who bolster their political agendas.

Even at the household level, there are complex factors that affect income such as geography, education level, profession, age, gender, and ethnicity. While some studies and surveys suggest that Republican-leaning suburban areas have higher incomes, others that focus on Democratic-leaning urban centers indicate something different. Since findings can be skewed, it is also important to look at the methodology and definitions used before accepting something as a hard fact.

The truth is that the traditional assumptions about each political party no longer exist. Wealth is increasing on both sides as economic trends continue to change the demographic and economic conditions of party supporters.

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26 thoughts on “Who is Richer? Democrats or Republicans?”

    1. Patricia Shumaker

      Because this list is about politicians in office. Bill Gates isn’t a Pol and he doesn’t hold office.

  1. The list is of wealthiest families – not individuals. They include multiple wealthy people and therefore carry influence.

  2. Umm I looked at the source you provided and the mean for the republican Side is higher than the mean for the democrat side.

    1. Are you nuts? Bezos owns the leftwing Washington Post. This whole article is a cherry picking disaster. The Waltons are a divided ownership and no way they are all Republicans. Bezos, Gates, Buffett, and a plethora of other are democrats. Wealth is no long held by industrial titans. Big Tech and Money Manipulations are where individual massive fortunes are made. Think about this. Who makes the most money? The voters that work in strong democrat places like NY, Chicago, Boston, and the entire state of California, Oregon, and Washington St. You can add Colorado also as wealhy leftists have taken over Denver and the ultra elite skiing utopias like Vail and all the rest.

      1. The real question is:
        Why do many people listen to republicans that push the idea that democrats want a socialist society if, as this article states, there are more rich Democrat families than Republican families in America? Does a socialist state benefit the rich? Or does slandering democrats, who are less likely to strike back defensively, seem more likely. Bottom line is, who benefits more from lies?

      2. When you buy a part of a politician, you choose someone who already can’t be hurt by helping your cause because your relationship needs to last for generations not just overnight. The current number of large donors who have abandoned the Republican Party since 1/6/21 is really bad for the party.

  3. doesnt matter the truth will always be kept hidden anyhow. The richest people play both sides depending on whats in their best interest in that particular time you’re welcome

  4. LOL first off two of the “walton’s” are huge liberals and each kid got the same % of the fortune so your #1 is wrong. Besides your number in value is way low for them.
    Alice Walton who owns over 80 billion of the family fortune was a huge Hillary supporter, gave over 350k directly to her campaign

    The mars family is so diverse right now you can not even assign a label to them. The most recent death left 28 billion to 4 daughters.

    Koch is now owned by two families since the one died. And no one knows what that side of the family is politically since its his wife and daughters. They refused to donate much to Trump instead sticking with republicans in congress

    second you left off the “gates family” since there are two of them and a kid and that is only one example of leaving off “families” in your very tilted article. The qualifications of “family” that would include the Koch family would also include several others like Bezos and Gates.

  5. Using Families isn’t right or representative of the truth. The richest 15 people shows that at least 9 are Democrat supporters, including the top 4:
    As near as I’ve been able to find:
    Top 15 Richest Americans in 2020, according to Forbes (As of 7/24/2020)
    1. Jeff Bezos – $179 billion….DEMOCRAT
    2. Bill Gates – $111 billion….DEMOCRAT
    3. Mark Zuckerberg – $85 billion….DEMOCRAT
    4. Warren Buffet – $73.5 billion…DEMOCRAT
    5. Larry Ellison – $72 billion…Republican
    6. Steve Ballmer – $69 billion…DEMOCRAT
    7. Elon Musk – $68 billion…Socially Liberal/Fiscally Conservative per Musk.
    8. Larry Page – $67.5 billion….DEMOCRAT
    9. Sergey Brin – $65.7 billion….DEMOCRAT
    10. Alice Walton – $62.3 billion….DEMOCRAT
    11. Jim Walton – $62.1 billion…Republican
    12. Rob Walton – $61.8 billion…Republican
    13. MacKenzie Scott – $57 billion….DEMOCRAT
    14. Michael Bloomberg – $55 billion….DEMOCRAT
    15. Charles Koch – $45 billion…Republican

  6. More people from cities vote democrat, more urbanized people vote democrat. Urbanized people are more educated, usually live in higher cost of living cities/states, therefore make more money, so this is not surprising.

  7. IRS data shows that Democrats represent 65 percent of taxpayers with a household income of $500,000 or more while 74 percent of taxpayers in Republican districts have household incomes of less than $100,000. This article is misleading. Democrats are also more likely to have a 4 yr bachelor’s degree, while Repubs only high school.

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