How To Save Money On Health Care Insurance

November 5, 2019 by Justin Weinger

Having health care insurance is like having a lifeline. When you feel like you are helpless, an insurance policy can literally save your neck, especially during emergencies. To most, insurance means saving on healthcare. However, access to a healthcare plan does not mean direct savings. Some insurance companies require high premiums, and this results in making healthcare inaccessible to many. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways on how you can save on your health insurance plan. Here are some of them:

Look at Your Premium Payments and Coverage

Sometimes, agents do not make full disclosure on the health plans they are presenting to you. Make sure that you look beyond the price tag. Often, lower premiums are not the most affordable option. You should always consider the needs of your family and your financial capabilities.

For instance, choosing a high deductible policy means paying lower premiums. However, when you start claiming, you’re going to end up paying more because of that deductible. You must also consider your family’s health status. If everyone in your family is in good health, then a lower premium with a higher deductible plan is the best option for you. If, for instance, you are undergoing therapy with an osteopath in Grimsby, then choose a health care plan that will cover the costs of your sessions.

The actual cost of health care insurance lies in how much you must pay once the policy term ends when everything else such as medications, appointments, and emergencies have been considered.

Work with a Health Insurance Broker

A health insurance broker is your ally. Sometimes, looking for health care insurance can be pretty daunting, especially for beginners. Often, they get exhausted and overwhelmed with all the options that they end up making rash decisions and pay more than what is necessary. To prevent this, you should work with someone armed with the proper knowledge and expertise, especially if you are working within a budget. Since brokers are not tied down to one insurance company, they can present you with a wide variety of options suited to your needs. Since brokers are paid by the insurance company, you don’t have to worry about additional costs on your end.

Negotiate Discounts on Medical Bills

When your health care insurance does not cover much, you can try your luck in negotiating your medical bills. You may not think about this when you or your loved one is wheeled into the emergency room. But, you can consult with billing departments, physicians, and hospitals to give you a discount. It won’t hurt to ask if you can get discounted rates if you pay early for a surgical procedure or if you pay in cash. You may also consider confiding in your doctor about your financial situation and health concerns. Your doctor will likely consider reducing fees to assist you. When your medical bills are low, you’re likely to pay lower deductible fees.

Ask for Prescription Drug Discounts

If you are taking any prescription drugs, ask your health care insurance provider whether they can cover your medications. You may also ask for a list of drugs under their coverage. Then, ask your doctor if it is possible to prescribe only those included on the insurer’s drug list. It is also best to check with pharmaceutical industries if they have prescription drug programs that may fall within your income level.

Having health care insurance is indeed a lifeline to help you when you are in need. Sometimes, the cost can be scary and overwhelming, but it should not be something that should scare you away. There are tons of ways on how you can save money on health care insurance. Besides, you cannot really put a price on your health.

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