How To Get Your Rent Deposit Back

October 20, 2023 by Cat

rent deposit backIf there’s one thing I can confidently talk about, it’s renting. In the last 10 years, I’ve lived in 6 different cities, and I’ve rented in every single one of them! Plus, I’m happy to say, I’ve been able to get my rent deposit back at each different apartment.

Renting is great in my opinion because you don’t have to worry about fixing expensive issues like washing machines or heat pumps. You also have the freedom to move to different places in the world without having a mortgage holding you back.

I knew based on my husband’s crazy school schedule that we’d be moving A LOT, and so we knew renting was for us.

If you’re a renter too, here are some good ways to ensure you get you will…

Get Your Rent Deposit Back!

1. Keep The Landlord Informed

If anything breaks or is malfunctioning throughout the term of your lease, it’s good to let the landlord know! I find that many renters are worried that their landlords will be mad or think they broke something, but trust me, landlords know about general wear and tear. You won’t risk not getting your rent deposit back just because of that!

Of course, if things are breaking every single week then mayyyybe they’ll know there’s a bigger issue going on. However, if you notice something that’s awry from time to time, that’s okay. Trust me, they’d rather know about it now so they can protect their investment rather than find out about 15 things that are broken at the end of the lease. It’s also a great move to let the landlord know about thinks like a leaky roof or window so they canĀ have repairs done quickly to prevent major costly damage to the property.

2. Keep it Tidy

If everything is neat and tidy during your final walk through, then you’ve got it made. Clean houses show better. That’s been proven time and time again. Do not wait until your final walk through to rent a steam cleaner for the carpet. If you spilled wine on it, go ahead and get it fixed within a few days! It’s much better to take care of these accidents when they happen than to put them off.

I remember one time our dog chewed a blue fountain pen and got blue ink everywhere on the TAN carpet. We cleaned it up right away using q-tips and a serious cleaning mixture. It took forever and it was a pain, but by not hiding it under a piece of furniture, we made sure that we wouldn’t incur any unnecessary fees or problems at the end of the lease. Like I said, despite the blue pen issue, we still got our rent deposit back!

3. Be Really Nice

People underestimate the power of being nice. Trust me, life is much, much easier when your landlord likes you. They will often have to stop by from time to time, so when they come over, be sure to be polite. Ask them if they want a glass of water. Be helpful and flexible. Heck, send them a Christmas card. I’m not saying you have to be fake, but a landlord is much more likely to work with you and be willing to return your deposit if you’ve been agreeable and helpful during the term of the lease.

Of course, these are only three ways to ensure you get your rent deposit back, but I’m sure there are tons more. Have you ever lost a deposit or had to learn some hard lessons? Please share them in the comments below!

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