Finding Your Way Outside

July 31, 2015 by Jac Lambert

Hello my friends!

Don’t you just love the feeling of being outdoors, soaking up the sun and being able to breathe without ingesting the same recirculated air that everyone else is inhaling? Me too. Thankfully we live in an age where technology has become increasingly mobile which enables us to take our work, our study and entertainment back outside.

Double Shot Dannie Travers Canberra, Australia styled by Jac Lambert
This shoot was done just outside of Canberra, Australia in the bush… the Aussie bush! Styled by Jac Lambert

There are many potential benefits of being outside, these include:
– Increase in oxygen
– Increase in vitamin D (which is linked to hormone balances, cancer prevention, reducing inflammation and fighting obesity. So clearly all good things!)
– Boosts your immunity
– Increase your sleep quality
– More regular sleep patterns
– Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression (combine being outside with exercise and you have a killer combo for these three mental health issues)
– A break from over stimulation of the brain.
I find the last point incredibly interesting because when I’m outside I often find myself just being there, like closing my eyes and feeling the sun, listening to the wind howl, or admiring the beauty of what’s out there. I discovered that this is called involuntary thinking as opposed to voluntary thinking. Voluntary thinking is the thinking we choose to do, like writing or reading this post. Involuntary thinking is the thinking that just happens, like cloud watching, where you are doing nothing but you’re not really doing nothing. Involuntary thinking helps your mind refocus so you have an increase in concentration levels and in turn, your productivity. Therapy from the counselors you can find at BetterHelp may be able to help you with involuntary thinking.
I really see no reason why we shouldn’t try to brave it beyond the building walls when we can, but on to today’s outfit…

Hiding Shot Dannie Travers Canberra, Australia styled by Jac Lambert
Peek-A-Boo! Styled by Jac Lambert

Why this look works:

1. The Belt – because this is a jumper over a dress the belt is a great way to tie the two items together whilst also giving her waist great definition. Waist definition is important to create curves on your body (or the illusion of them if you don’t have them).
2. Pattern Repetition – The use of horizontal stripes is consistent but not over the top. The strap on the heels, the head band, the jumper and the belt are all cohesive horizontal stripes and the solid dress skirt breaks the pattern up to keep the look aesthetically pleasing without being to matchy matchy.
3. Work in Three’s – This look is essentially 2 lots of threes. The first three being the top, bottom and belt (base look) and the second three is the shoes, necklace and headband (accessories). There isn’t too much going on and everything has a purpose for being there. She’s not wearing anything for the sake of wearing something.

How often do you take life outside?

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