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September 30, 2019 by Susan Paige

There’s a lot that many people have said about what it takes to be ready for college. The academics you need, the social skills you have to learn, as well as the level of maturity you have to develop if you want to successfully live alone for the first time, are all important parts of the process of being ready for college. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t talk much about the process of being ready for the world when college is over and you have your degree in hand.

There was a time when you could simply go to a few interviews in your senior year, have a great job waiting for you when graduated, and stay working in the same spot until you retired with a pension. In this day and age, you need to take a far more sophisticated path if you want to be successful in your after-college life.


Taking notes is a major part of school, and it shouldn’t stop when you graduate. Learning should never stop, and often, you can learn a lot by taking notes on the interactions you have with people. Just being open to jot down something you hear about potential opportunities can make a lot of difference if you don’t have a photographic memory.


One of the most important parts of life is to associate yourself with the right people. The traits that make someone successful in one area may be entirely inappropriate for another area, either geographically or within a particular career field. While some people derive a lot of college popularity from their prodigious keg stand skills, in the adult world, this is less entertaining, and possibly even a little sad.

Networking basically means finding people who are doing something you’d like to do, and taking them out for lunch or coffee. It’s a little bit like a first date, only without all of the pressure that tends to come along with anything romantic. You get to know the person a little, ask them questions without seeming like you’re interrogating them, and really listen to them. This is how relationships start. This can help you both to get into a great company and do the best job you can for a more satisfying and higher-paying beginning of your career.


A lot of people don’t think about how many things in life that you can negotiate. Some people say you can negotiate anything, and there are tons of ways to get a great deal. Beyond things like couponing and working on getting your vehicle as inexpensively as you can, you can often get a lower rate for your student loans. Being able to use https://www.elfi.com/student-loan-calculator/ to calculate how much your monthly payments are going to be can help you to start your after-school life out on the right foot. The more you can get your expenses under control, the more you can focus on doing what you want to do with your life instead of stressing under an uncontrollable burden.

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