Are You Ready to Make the Investment? #sponsored

September 11, 2015 by Jac Lambert

Your Handbag is an Investment

I own a lot of bags. Close to 40 of them. The cheapest bag was free and the dearest was around the $350 mark so the last thing I want to do is be neglectful and destroy my bags through overuse or no care. I didn’t start with 40 odd bags tho, I started with one and built my collection up from there, and this one bag is where I learnt the value of looking after my bag and also choosing the right one. In my opinion it is important to look at the purchase of a bag as an investment. You want it to be visually pleasing, match majority if not all of your wardrobe and to be practical too. You’ll be using it nearly everyday so it also needs to last. Here is what you need to consider when you are making your investment choice.

Handbag Investments Pink Budget and the Bees
Pic | Jac Lambert

1. The Purpose

What will you use the bag for? Is it a school bag? A work bag? A gym bag? An all of the above bag? The purpose will give you an indication of what size you need, if you need pockets, what type of closures, or specific extras like a hard case for technology protection or easy access outside pockets. Knowing the purpose of your bag makes picking the style of bag much easier. If your bag needs to fit A4 books you won’t even bother looking at bags that only fit an A5 diary.
Handbag Investments Budget and the Bees
Pic | Jac Lambert

2. Your Style

There is no point in purchasing a satchel if you need a clutch. Or in buying a tote if you hate carrying things in your hands. Think about your style and if the bag will suit it. If your style is relaxed and carefree consider a hobo bag. If you are in a more corporate vibe try a classic tote. If you identify yourself as a more edgy girl you could opt for a bucket bag or backpack. Choose according to your personal style tastes and that will make matching your bag to your wardrobe easier as it is all stuff you love!

3. The Color

If this is your first bag you should choose a basic color. Black, brown, cream or navy. Black is usually a winner for a first bag. It’s professional, streamlined and black goes with pretty much everything. Nearly all styles of bags will come in black too. Brown is generally the second color choice. It has a more casual vibe to it, but please ensure you have other brown and earthy toned pieces in your wardrobe to make your bag cohesive. Creams can look ultra chic, but can also get dirty quicker so be prepared for maintenance and navy is often a more subtle choice if you find black too severe. Just like with brown tho, check that you have pieces in your closet that will compliment a navy bag.
Ted Baker Handbag Investments Budget and the Bees
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4. The Price Point

No point looking at something that is outside of budget. There has only been one or two occasions where I have blown budget on a bag purchase (often because of time restraint or stupidity). I try to only look in places where I know I’ll be able to find something at the right price. If I only have $50 then I won’t look in David Jones and I know that good quality leather is out of the equation. For $50 I’ll head to Colette first and it will be rare that I won’t find something in there for what I want. If I have only $30, I’ll wait for more money or make sure I’m buying on sale. If I’m lucky enough to have more than $50 at my disposal for a bag I’ll try to keep saving for a little bit more and start looking at around the $100 mark and leather is the go.
Handbag Investments Turquoise Budget and the Bees
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5. Wearability

How comfortable is the bag? I decided that I wanted a satchel, an old school satchel, and for months I pined over one from Cambridge Satchel Co. I finally got the money together and ordered it from the UK. I checked sizing so my laptop would fit, and I even had my named embossed on the front. When I got the bag I was stoked – over the moon ecstatic. Sadly, I’ve only worn it a few times. The shoulder strap is uncomfortable and the bag is so stiff it cuts my leg, or bruises it at the very least. I love the bag, but it hardly ever makes an appearance because it’s uncomfortable.
Check that it sits comfortably on your shoulder, does it slide up and down your arm easily? Does it bump or hit you in annoying places whilst you walk? Are the handles easy to grab when you pick the bag up? Do you need to be doing other things, such as picking kids up when you have the bag on? Does it have the versatility of a shoulder strap so your hands and arm don’t fall off at the elbow? Can you jog with the bag? (Chances are you will need too at some point, say late for an appointment, kids make a dash for it or it’s raining…) Can you wear this bag with ease?

When you head out to shop for your bag (or if your cruising online first) check all these factors before you lay down your hard earned money. Doing so will help you feel confident in your choice, as well as ensure versatility with your closet and that your bag gets worn.
What do you look for when bag shopping?

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4 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Make the Investment? #sponsored”

  1. I try to keep my number of bags low so I look for a bag that will fit my daily needs and go with most of my wardrobe. I have 3 bags – black tote, tan tote & satchel.

  2. I am always after the purpose and wearability. If it feels comfortable wearing and looks good on me and I have a budget for that bag, I’d most likely to buy it.

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