5 Ways to Earn Money in Your Free Time

January 5, 2021 by Susan Paige

Having a passive source of income is a goal that many aspire to achieve. A secondary source of income not only helps in securing your financial future but it also helps to stay better prepared for any emergencies. Lack of resources, rigid work schedules, and limited options are all obstacles that can hinder one’s ability to create a passive source of income. If you happen to be looking for ways or resources to help you make some extra bucks, you just got lucky. Here’s a definitive list of part-time jobs that you can easily manage with your full-time job. Want to know the best part? Many of the jobs that have been mentioned allow you to work from home!


Online Surveys 

Online surveys allow you to create a steady cash flow without having to leave your house. Take a look at some of the companies (operational in the US) that help you in making extra money by taking online surveys while staying at home:


YouGov – Want to get paid for your opinions? YouGov is an international market research company (which operates in the US) that pays you for your opinions. You can make up to $15 in an hour by simply taking surveys about the things that you like. All you need to do is join the platform, collect points, and then get paid for your time. Simple!


Survey Junkie – Here is another great option for making money by taking surveys. Survey Junkie pays you to take surveys that are tailored around your lifestyle. Your opinions matter and now they also help you get paid. Survey Junkie has a point-based weekly payment system and you can make up to $20 in a week!


Opinion Outpost – Here is yet another great option for making money while doing online surveys. Unlike the other survey companies mentioned, Opinion Outpost lets you trade the points earned by taking surveys for cash or vouchers for top online retailers. 


Branded Surveys – Get rewarded for your opinion with Branded Surveys. Branded Surveys allows you to earn reward points that can be traded for cash or e-gifts.


MOBROG – MOBROG is a Germany based company that has over 2.5 million members worldwide. This local market research company allows you to make money on the go using your smartphone or tablet. You can earn up to $3 for each survey you take.


Online Tutoring

You can make money by teaching in your spare time. Here’s a list of companies that allow you to make money by tutoring in your free time:


Bark – With Bark, you can find students to teach in New York. Use your skills to help others learn and make money out of it too. As a tutor, you can earn around 260 pounds weekly for every two clients. 


Preply – Teach English to students and make money for your time and skills, With Preply, you can earn $15 per lesson.


Lingoda – Can you speak French? If so, then Lingoda is the best option for you. Lingoda allows you to earn $14 per lesson for giving classes to French classes to students from all over the world. 


Pet Sitting 


Pet Sitting is yet another way of earning some extra cash without investing too much time and effort. Here’s a list of Pet Sitting companies that allow you to earn some extra bucks without all the hassle:


Rover – Rover is a pet sitting company that allows you to make up to $1000 per month for taking care of people’s pets.        


Sittercity – Sittercity is an online platform that connects pet owners with pet sitters. Typically, you can earn $8 per hour for looking after pets of different people but this rate can be negotiated. 


Care. com – If you are looking for pet sitting jobs in London then look no further. Care.com allows you to make up to 375 pounds per week for looking after pets of different owners. 


Thumbtack – Thumbtack is a great pet care service for earning some extra cash in the States. This service allows you to offer pet sitting, grooming, and training services to different pet owners. Typically, you can earn $20 per hour with Thumbtack but the rates can vary from one pet owner to another. 


Baby Sitting 


If pet sitting isn’t your thing then give babysitting a chance and earn some extra cash in your spare time. Here are some companies that allow you to offer babysitting services:


Sitter – Sitter allows you to earn up to $20 an hour for providing babysitting services in Los Angeles. The rates can be increased after you get popular and can be negotiated with the parents. 


Care.com – Work as a nanny with Care.com and make money by babysitting for people in Los Angeles. You can find full-time, part-time, and one-time nanny jobs that allow you to earn up to $1000 in a month (depending on your popularity). 


Sittercity – Sittercity allows you to find nanny and babysitting jobs in New York. You can make up to $500 in a month depending on your popularity and skill. 




If nothing else excites you or helps you in creating a passive source of income, then give cleaning jobs a try. Here are some cleaning jobs that help you make some extra bucks:


Housekeeper – Be a full-time, half-time, or part-time cleaner with Housekeeper and earn up to $150 in a day. 


Bidvine – Become a domestic cleaner with Bidvine in the UK and earn up to 15 pounds per hour. 


Care.com – Find housekeeping jobs at Care.com and earn up to 8 pounds per hour at your schedule.


Bark – Bark allows you to make 100 pounds per month as a house cleaner in London.  


Final Thoughts


What are you waiting for? Give one of these part-time jobs a try and start making money in your free time. There’s something for everyone. Boost your earnings today with one of the aforementioned jobs.  

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